Countries really shouldn’t want their British-educated citizens back

Britain needs to accept responsibility for polluting the world.

The list of terrorists, despots and megalomaniacs educated in Britain and subsequently causing misery in their homelands is long and ignominious. In the economic sphere, a comprehensive 2015 article in the Spectator said as much (pastebin). But the scope of damage we are exporting around the world is much wider than the merely economic.

Sri Lanka suicide bomber Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed is just the latest in a long line of exports from the British higher education system, which seems to offer extraordinary indulgence to those of a certain bent.

There have been many before him.

So, as much as we may be rightly inclined to reject returnees from ISIS country, like Shamima Begum, the reciprocal case is surely just as strong if not stronger.

Surely every non – western country would be well advised to treat as dangerous any of their countrymen returning home equipped with the implacable sense of moral superiority that seems to be uniquely imbued by a stint at even a minor British university.

As such, it would not seem unreasonable for the UN to declare the UK to be a state known to nurture, develop and export dangerous individuals. We should be on a list. So should USA, Canada and Australia.

Our universities are, of course, equally adept at turning British stock (and those who shouldn’t be here but have a paper-right to remain) into absolute monsters who will go on to dismantle and destroy everything of which they are programmed to disapprove in their freshly minted righteous minds, but that’s our problem to deal with.

And, of course, if no country will re-admit someone who has experienced ‘British education’ then by default, we must not admit those people in the first place as they will be unable to leave again.

Sounds like a win-win for humanity to me.



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