From my previous post, you might notice that I’ve just come through a big stage of what people call a ‘life event’. Such events prompt reflection, of which I’m experiencing a great deal at the moment.

During recent weeks, something became clear again to me that I was starting to lose sight of over the last year or so: Women are not the enemy. Women can be great, and when you need people around you on whom to rely, in whom you can find graceful selflessness, you need women.

Amongst them my elderly mum and aunt, my de-facto wife, a couple of ex-GFs, my hairdresser of 20 years, a couple of female colleagues who I am platonically close to… all there for me, all offered me practical, moral or spiritual support when I really needed it, and in-spite of me not always being the most gracious beneficiary. And don’t think I’m some Alpha lothario… I’m not.. I’m stone-cold Sigma scum.

In addition, everyone in the health service who treated me with such selfless tender care as they did were woman, with the exception of 3 consultant surgeons who, while all geniuses, are clearly disfunctional and hyper-masculine as human beings.

[Christopher Brookmyre – an author I admire – is married to a consultant anaesthetist who calls surgeons ‘clever psychopaths’ and I think she’s right about that.]

My point is simply this: You can MGTOW, INCEL and AWALT all you like – and I see why you would be tempted – but there are good and bad women out there, just as there are good and bad men. Some people are assholes and some aren’t, and it’s not well correlated with their gender (or sex if you prefer). If you cut yourself off as a man from the half of the human race who have caring and nurturing as part of their human makeup, you may one day find that you have isolated yourself from one of the most vital human resources you’ll ever wish to prevail upon.

Of course, the bampots may have hold of the bridge of the good ship Anglosphere, and I’m not giving the fembots or their allies a pass here, but they don’t control the engine room, the wheel house, the rec room or 90% of the other places that make society work.

One of life’s skills is to finely distinguish what aspects of it you partake of. If you can do that, you can lead a rich life, but if you try to do it by crude categorisation, you will almost certainly deny yourself opportunities for that rich life.

Forget about women for a moment, and think about motorcycing, horse-riding, sky-diving, mountain-climbing, foreign travel, martial arts etc… these are all clearly areas where if you learn to exercise good fine judgement, self-control and mastery, your life will be fuller, richer and happier. This judgement and control is something you need to develop through trial and error and by recognising and following sound advice from those who’ve been there before.

[Let’s take for granted and set aside for the moment that boys need good fathers to sow the seeds for these positive traits. I don’t think women can teach boys to be good men no matter how much they wish to and try to.]

It would not be good advice to avoid motor-cycling, horse-riding, parachuting, or exotic climes simply because people have died or been seriously injured following those pursuits, and likewise when it comes to relations with other people, particularly women. Remember that, statistically, those people were probably the authors of their own undoing.

So, when you read or listen to manosphere guys, just remember that the most successful ones are not ‘players’ or ‘haters’, they are realists who own their destinies by mastering themselves, and you need to take some of their blunter advice in perspective and not as absolute. Rollo has been married for a long time, Cappy is in a LTR, Adam Piggott had the good-wife for many years and while that’s recently come to a sad end I think the way he has conducted himself has been entirely creditable and an example to us all – roll with it, acknowledge your own contributions, learn, grow and move forward. Let’s just not mention The Great One whose girlfriend, ‘Hairy Pam’, is like a brother to him.

Life is about pulling together and consolidating all those 10% chances of happiness, into something that gives you a fighting chance of having a good one. Learn to take calculated risks or lock in certain failure. Every time you say ‘fuck that, those bitches be crazy, I got my bro’s, I got my basement, I got my bong’ you are missing the bigger picture and in all likelihood storing up a whole warehouse of regrets for you to gorge on in your later life.

And, well son, a funny thing about regret is that it’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t done.. and by the way, if you see your mom this weekend, be sure and tell her SATAN..

Take that from someone who wishes he’d realised some of these things before the sun of his life was over the yard-arm.



2 thoughts on “Women

  1. I’ve always been of the belief that most of us are honest decent moral people. It is the small loud prod nosed minority that are spoiling it for everyone and the internet enables them to push their agendas on everyone.

    I’ve always thought women were great. In fact I prefer women over men. (I can say that atm because it isn’t compulsory yet to be bent. When it is I’ll pay lip service to it like most of us will and ignore it.) Even some of these crazy feminists are better looking than men, although sadly not all. :)

    Anyway most of us jet get on with our normal lives ignoring all this craziness that is happening elsewhere and oblivious to the fact that it is screwing up our kids. Of course it will reach a tipping point and the worm will turn. I think that Brexit has accelerated this and we will turn soon.

  2. Leave my girl friend out of this. Pam and I have been going steady for a long time. She’s loyal has hell. I can guarantee you Pam has never had another cock. She’s disease free as well.

    Let’s just not mention how damn crazy she is…

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