Short hiatus announced…


I think this one is pretty good as 1st world problems go.

They said they found one, but were reticent to give me any more details.



6 thoughts on “Short hiatus announced…

  1. There seems to be a plague of these lately among people that I know. As always words are useless in these situations. but I hope very much that you smash it out of the park.

    • Thank you sir…. the surgeons seem to have done just that…

      I’m back home now, but it’s going to be a tough road to regain full independence.

      The whole business is one I’ve got lots of thoughts, insights and material from, but for now there are 2:

      1) The UK NHS means we HAVE to accept welfare in this country – my £25K of private healthcare fees would have bumped me up the wait list but nothing more since private health care is crowded out of the market for many major procedures. It would not have changed the hospital, the surgeons, the ward, the drugs used, the ‘you are cattle, not customers’ ethos. It’s a system that employs a lot of brilliant and dedicated people, but it’s a very flawed system based on a set of debunked beliefs that people are terrified of moving away from. The US spectre stops us considering how the rest of Europe handles healthcare.

      2) A lot of people were praying for me and from that I derived more strength and comfort than I could ever have imagined 10 years ago.

    • Thank you Julia.

      The prognosis is good and the early recovery signs all very positive. Just got to take it easy and keep things that way.

      Thankfully nothing malignant, but even having a benign squash ball removed from between your brain and your skull is … errr… non-trivial.

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