The Truth Hurts

Diversity + Proximity = War

Can you imagine a British politician sticking their head above the parapet like that? We certainly never saw it after 7/7 (52 dead, 700 wounded), Manchester (23 dead, 139 wounded), the slaying of Lee Rigby on the streets of London, or any of the other London attacks, let alone on the comparatively rare occasion when a British person saw fit respond in kind (1 dead, 12 injured)?

All we saw was capitulation, cowardice and a ravening hoarde of useful idiots ready to tear down anyone prepared to call it like they saw it.

I think Adam Piggott considers his homeland of Australia to be a lost cause (or something to that effect)… if this assessment is right, then we in the UK are in an even worse position.

This, however, is the sad new reality ushered in by our betters who have pursued an ideology inherently contrary to the best interests of western peoples, and these are the results of their efforts.


UPDATE: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Twitter suspended Senator Anning after he tweeted the above. Think about that. An American company, with a uniquely American set of political views, mores and standards, can unilaterally silence the voice of an elected representative in a democracy on the other side of the planet.


One thought on “The Truth Hurts

  1. Of course the ‘right thinking were quick to condemn Senator Anning, no surprise there, but the Twitter suspension is quite something. Like you say, an America company being able to silence an elected represenative of another democracy is chilling but of course no one is speaking about that.

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