Tommy Robinson to be prosecuted again

I don’t pretend for a minute that he is the world’s most reliable witness – though there is far more dishonesty amongst adherants of The Narrative – and I’m not on-board with the Tommymania that certain of the more plebeian right embrace.

But this seems wrong. It seemed wrong when he was whisked from the street to a sentence in prison in a matter of hours, and it seems wrong now.

When he was originally sent to prison, I donated £100 to his legal support fund.

I didn’t feel in the slightest bit miffed when I later found out he’d recently moved into a quite expensive house.

Robinson is an imperfect hero for sure, but he’s out there, keeping some very valid issues in the public consciousness, and he’s paying a heavy price for his bravery, through imprisonment, harassment, continual negative press and character assassination.

But he’s the only one doing what needs to be done – none of the mainstream media or politicians have got the balls to openly speak truths that are self-evident, and so all we have is a figure like Robinson to coalesce round in the UK media-political environment.

And so I may well dontate again, because it’s what I can meaningfully do.



3 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson to be prosecuted again

  1. People are being hassled by police for ‘liking’ media posts they, the police, don’t like. How long before it becomes an offence to fund Tommy Robinson?

    • I’m not sure it will come to that. I wouldn’t be surprised, but given the willingness shown by the social media and the payment processors to withdraw their services from dissidents, it’s almost academic.. it’s like the argument that when a company bans you it’s not censorship because it’s not being done by the government. How the ends are achieved are immaterial… it’s the outcome that we should all be interested in.

      What they want is for it to be practically impossible to fund him – it’s expensive and messy to do it by laws and police. It’s easy, cheap and plausibly deniable to prevail upon Facebook, Paypal, Patreon, Mastercard et al to do it. They plainly prefer this approach today, and with good reason.

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