People who aren’t Tories quit Tory party

Three people ghastly harridans who made the Tory party stink of Blairite nannying and sanctimonious EUrophilia have left the party.

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.23.48

The party’s stench is now just a little less rancid. But not much less rancid. There are still plenty of Not-Tories in the Tory party.

Fittingly, they are joining ranks with 7 nobodies who left the Labour party last week to form ‘The Independent Group’ on the basis of various grievances that most of that party don’t give a fark about. Suffice to say the Labour left are as happy to see those 7 go as the Tory right are to see these 3 go. They’ll make a lovely family of no-hopers who are going nowhere except the unemployment lines.

And from the comments under the article at Guido’s site, I’m shamelessly nicking this GIF, which made me chuckle heartily:



UPDATE: In a fitting demonstration of today’s prevailing mindset, it seems that parliament’s IT people have been instructed to block the website of The Independent Group. Because that will definitely stop anyone finding out about it and forming their own judgement.


4 thoughts on “People who aren’t Tories quit Tory party

  1. Excellent news. Words can’t express how much I hate those nannying dickwads
    (Is it a hate crime to say you hate someone these days, or is it only a hate crime if you beat them round the head with a blunt object because you hate them?)

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