Not British, Not Welcome

Well, the news has been boring as hell over the last week or so, hasn’t it?

But today I’ve been reading about some stupid girl who buggered off, from Londonistan to Syria, 4 years ago, to become a jihadhi bride to an ISIS fighter.

Her name is Shamima Begum and now that ISIS is supposedly defeated, she has begged the British government to sweep her up from a Syrian refugee camp and bring her back to Britain, where it seems she hopes that she can birth the child she is carrying and go back to her old life, writing this all off as youthful misadventure.

This is her:

“What will happen to her?” gasp the cucked columnists* and 5th columnist dipshits across the country. Will she be allowed home? Will she be detained and imprisoned?

Well, look. This woman has betrayed the country that misguidedly welcomed her kith & kin. And now she wants to take our tax money to fly her home, feed her, house her, pay her and her child’s medical bills, and pick up welfare payments in perpetuity.

Or perhaps she’ll go to prison for a while (average annual cost of £32,510) before she gets on the benefits bandwagon?

It has emerged that the vast majority of Islamist fighters returning to the UK from Syria have been placed on “secretive” government rehabilitation schemes rather than be prosecuted. 

Official figures show only one in 10 jihadists have been prosecuted.

Or perhaps not…

What should happen is that she is stripped of UK citizenship and of any right to enter the country ever again. After that, who cares? She has never been – and will never be – a net asset to this country by any metric other than population growth.

But… but… she has rights! Her child didn’t do anything wrong! She was only a child herself when she went!

Let me be abundantly clear about this: I’m not interested.

The way this country is dealing with returning ISIS people is so pathetically risible, gutless and contrary to the national interest that the US are proposing now to simly take returning British ISIS fighters and put them in Gitmo (you know, the one Barry Obama was elected to close down).

So here’s the test – are you for or against the UK?

If you’re against the UK, you’ll want us to welcome her home and provde her with a quiet life, which we’ll happily pay for. If you’re for the UK, you’ll not want her back here under any circumstances, let alone on our dime.

Anyone shown by this test to be against the UK should be shunned on every level, until they are friendless and penniless, eating shit out of the gutter.


* To be fair to the Telegraph, they’ve taken a pretty hard line on this (1) (2), demonstrating why they are the only remaining UK newspaper worth reading, and even then you have to burn the lifestyle section or face having to bleach your brain.

UPDATE: This is the father of one of these girls who went to Syria. Want more of that in the UK?



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