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There seems to be a storm brewing in the world of rivalries between fans of the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge.

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“Like a black widow on the way to a funeral is #MeghanMarkle visiting the Association of Commonwealth Universities. #Prince Harry watch your back,” wrote the Twitter user ‘Fairetalesparklz’ soon afterwards, under a photograph of the Duchess smiling at the event. They added the hashtag #Megxit, a call sign to other trolls that unite behind their hatred of the Californian, and in came the rest. ‘Bella Wolf’, another user, replied. “With that uneven, kind of raggedy hem I would compare her to a witch. But widow is fine too. She definitely killed Harry’s spirit.”

Many of the comments are racist, the overwhelming majority are sexist, and some of them are utterly, utterly mad, especially where the Duchess of Sussex is concerned. “Cheer on this gold-digging fraud who made Harry marry and knock her up as soon as possible. We all will see the great failure of Megsy very soon. She’s playing a game under the eyes of the world, when she will fail, she’ll be done forever,” came one Instagram comment recently.

This idiot journalist skirts around so many issues. In spite of the above assertion, we don’t see a single example of a self-evidently ‘racist’ message, and there’s no mention of the fact that the vast majority of the ‘sexist’ messages are from women, who support one woman over a different woman.

Women’s worst enemies are other women.

I think the interesting thing is how – if we grant the assertion that messages against Markle are grounded in racism – ‘kicking racism out’ doesn’t stop it existing, it merely sublimates human nature, which will always return to the surface in some form or another, even in people who would swear blind that they ‘haven’t a racist bone in their bodies’.

We may as well assert that removing the oxygen from the air will force us to get over our natural need of it.


I was a mere youngster when the famine struck Ethiopia in 1983, that killed an estimated 400,000 people. It was all over the news for months, even before Live Aid got off the ground.

But I do not remember anyone ever pointing out that since 1974, Ethiopia had been ruled by a Junta or other government with a Marxist-Leninist or revolutionary Marxist political philosophy (Derg then WPE, then ADP, then TPLF, and SEPDM).

In 1985, just 34 years ago, Ethiopia had a population of circa 40Million. Today after, if not because of, extravagant western intervention it’s reckoned to be 110Million. Almost a trebling of the population in 34 years. Curiously, or perhaps not when we think of all that western guilt money, GDP/cap is also supposed to have almost trebled in the same time frame. But then, they started to run a recklessly loose monetary policy in 2004, and inflation is way out of control – they’ll probaby crash in the next couple of years.

The average IQ in Ethiopia is reckoned to be between 61  and 69 – almost the lowest in the world, and more than 2SD below the European average.

In 2015, the BBC asked “Thirty years of talking about famine in Ethiopia – why’s nothing changed?” – suffice it to say that they don’t get to within a light year of the 3 obvious answers – 3 generations of Marxism, the emasculating power of foreign aid, and genetic intelligence.


I was thinking about the above and wondered how long it would be before IQ was jerrymandered to eliminate the difference between Africans and Europeans.

It now appears this won’t be necessary – in the UK at least.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.47.40

Ministers announced that universities would be held to account on disparities in academic attainment between different ethnic groups after data showed gaps in the proportion of students awarded top grades for their degrees.

The latest figures show that 79 percent of white students received a first-class or upper second-class (2:1) degree in 2015/26, compared to 72 percent of Chinese students, 71 percent of Indian students, 62 percent of Pakistani students, and 51 percent of “Black Other” students.

When I see a candidate’s CV, I already view their degree with suspicion. There’s no-way 79% of any cohort should be getting a 1st or a 2:1. But in the future, when I see CV from a black or Pakistani candidate, I’ll know it comes with a double rich helping of affirmative action bullshit. How are we supposed to tell the genuinely good candidates from the idiots whose degree class represents progressive dogma far more than it represents the ability of the individual?

What galls more than anything is that we have a supposedly Tory government. That party is completely fucked.





2 thoughts on “Idle Thoughts

  1. It makes one wonder if the politically-correct will feel comfortable, knowing that there is now a strong possibility that the dark-skinned surgeon about to operate on them only managed to get his qualifications because of “affirmative action.”

    I have long considered the Conservative Party in its present form to be “Labour Lite”, with the Labour Party being “Labour Dark”.

    • Yes, it does make one wonder, doesn’t it.. how powerful are their delusions, and how committed to the cause are they?

      But then again, even after seeing people’s elderly relative suffer gross indignities, mistakes and untimely death in the NHS, they are still resistant to any change in that system, despite being able to reasonably assume that the same fate awaits them in their dotages.

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