Spontaneous Order

So much scorn is poured upon AnCaps and libertarians who insist that we don’t need the state to do ALL TEH THINGS. Who will build the roads/clear the rubbish etc?

I live in one of those dormitory towns, where the sense of community is thinner and more tenuous than damp toilet paper – the sort of place where “without the government, who would…?” objections germinate with the most alacrity.

So today, I was pleasantly surprised to see the spontaneous emergence of more than a dozen people from houses on our road, with shovels, who then proceeded to clear the 12″ of snow from the road, and bring up barrow-loads of grit from the bin at the bottom of the hill, so people could get out and onto the main road. They spent all afternoon doing it and it looked like hard work.

I didn’t help, obviously, as I had coffee and books to read, but it was encouraging to see nevertheless.


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