Weather it is or weather it ain’t, you’ll pay all the same

I’m English, and that means I have to moan about the weather. It’s snowing, even here where we may see snow once or twice a decade, and even then it’s usually a pathetic effort that comes and goes in a day. Once in a while we get whacked with 12 inches. At the moment we’ve had about 2 inches, and it’s still snowing lightly.

I tend to mark time in terms of what car I was driving at the time – I have a preference for low slung, rear wheel drive cars with massively fat tyres, so that usually means I’m sunk when it snows.

I remember my BMW having to be yanked out of the snow on my driveway using a bungee rope about 12 years ago, having been beached for 4 days during a daring escape attempt across the lawn, and I remember my Mercedes being hopelessly marooned on the driveway about 9 years ago, and having to do all my Xmas food shopping on foot with a large rucksack, in 2 trips to the supermarket 2 miles away.

These days, it’s worse in a way, since I live at the top of a hill – I can always get my car out and down, but getting it back up again is doomed to fail, and my other half takes great delight in being able to travel freely in her Oriental Econobox.

But this is nothing – not even interesting – when you compare it to what the weather is like in the American Mid West. For some reason, the US podcasters I tend to listen to are clustered in Minnesota, Illinois, Washington etc, and boy do they have it bad… it’s about 0degC here where I am in England right now.

Chicago has seen record lows of -27F (-32C), while Mount Carroll also in Illinois saw -38F (-39C). Cotton, Minnesota saw -56F (-49C).

So in comparison, we really can’t moan, can we?

Well.. okay.. some of us can. The poor and vulnerable elderly, who cannot afford to heat their homes, because carbon taxes account for 1/3 of their energy costs. Because of ‘global warming’ – aka righteous international hairshirt socialism and explotative corporatism that lobbies governments to increase regulation, levies and price controls.


Mrs Miggins at number 71, earlier today

But the sheeple and their masters simply shrug ofF this misery, suffering and death of people’s eldery relatives, as the cost of following the righteous path. Because for them to admit to others, let alone themselves, that they got it all very badly wrong would be a calamity for their sense of self, which is, after all, the only thing that matters.


“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.



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