Bad Deal, No Deal or Never Never Land

I follow the news regularly and in some detail. A normal person might call me obsessive, though that would be unfair. I know roughly what’s going on according to the mainstream and alt media.

I’ve been following the twists and turds of Brexit very closely over the last few years, and generally, have managed to remain on the ball.

In the last week or two, though – and I think this must be by design – I’ve completely lost the thread on where we are up to. After the blizzard of nonsense, speaker’s subterfuge, tabled amendments, votes and other assorted parliamentary proctology, I am left completely in the dark about how thing must now go, in a way that has never hitherto been the case.

It can’t be an accident, can it?

Both the Brexit and Remain sides have been left scattering in all directions, atomising into myriad tiny factions with subtely nuanced positions almost entirely in the name of self-interest and contrary to the national good.

All, potentially, to eventually be hoovered up, and tipped into the bin of votes for May’s dreadful Withdrawal Agreement.

And – I don’t wish to denigrate the hoi polloi here – if I’m not getting it any more, how can Joe Average be expected to know what the situation is now?

Ironically, the only blessed constant in this whole farago is the EU and its negotiating position, which has been crystal clear and unyielding from the get-go.

My own preference for a WTO Brexit hasn’t changed, but in terms of predicting what we will end up with, all bets are now off. All I can say with any certainty is that the fundamental future of the country is now firmly in the hands of a Parliament of people who – above all else and come what may – do not want Brexit to happen.

Happily, in spite of the shitstorm, the public don’t seem to be minded to reverse their opinion. This is the latest poll as per Guido.

Here are two earlier polls (1) (2) showing much the same thing over time.

And yet inspite of a resolute public, some of whom have no doubt been making their opinions plain to their MPs, here we are.

It’s less than 2 months from the deadline, but we are nonethewiser as to whether we’ll get WTO Brexit, May’s Brexit, a hybrid backstop, A50 extended or indeed withdrawn.

Again, for someone somewhere deep in Whitehall, this is all according to plan. At the last minute there’ll be a fudge that by the time anyone has unpicked it and worked out what a shit-sandwich it is, it will all be too late.  Theresa May will be off to skip through the wheatfields like Worzel Gummidge as understudy to Maria Von Trapp, and we will be locked into a permanent EU death-grip, or consigned to spend the rest of our days in some or other national purgatory.

And everyone involved will get back – after such a long hiatus – to their core business of interfering in our lives, dropping the paving stones from the road to hell on our feet, stealing our money and pissing it back in our faces.

They all need to enter the cleansing fire.



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