As you can see, I’ve updated the blog theme… I think it’s a lot cleaner and easier to read than the old one. I’ll get to sorting out my own banner image in due course.

I’ve also added in a selection of my favourite podcasts in the Blogroll section. Here’s a precis of some of them.

Note that rather than follow the links in my sidebar, you’re better just to search for the names in your favourite podcast app. If you’re on an iPhone, it’ll probably be the built-in app. If you’re on Android, I am a massive fan of Podcast Addict, which is a very full featured app that I’ve been using happily for a couple of years now.

The Clarey Podcast

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 16.00.42

Aaron Clarey blogs as Captain Capitalism. He’s an economist and former banker, who decided to opt out of the rat race and go his own way as a self-employed minimalist and Asshole Consultant. He’s the author of some very worthwhile books (and one that’s perhaps not so worthwhile). Sometimes he podcasts on his own, sometimes he has one of a select few guests, who are always very good.

The Pushing Rubber Podcast

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 16.39.49

Named after his first book about whitewater rafting adventures in Australian, Africa, Canada and Italy, Pushing Rubber Downhill, this is Adam Piggott’s podcast. As well as being author of two very good books and a world-traveller, he podcasts more or less weekly from the Netherlands on topics covering current affairs, being a man in a woman’s world and some of the many lessons he’s learned over the years. Intelligent, thoughful and amusing. Monthly, he does a joint podcast with ‘The Great One’ from Cynical Libertarian Society – The Greasy Pole – which is always brilliant fun. The Literally Hitler Episode is just a classic.

The Delingpole Podcast

screen shot 2019-01-23 at 16.47.21

Sadly now defunt – though hopefully soon to be resurrected – Delingpole did this podcast weekly for 2 years, each week with a different guest, though some people have, in the end, been on there a few times. While the episodes with a guest I already knew of are all good (Brendan O’Neill and Dominic Frisby are both great value for example), perhaps the most interesting episodes are the ones with a guest I’d never heard of before such as the ones with Sir James MacMillan, Catherine Blaiklock, David Craig, Chloe Westley, Thor Holt etc. Sarah Vine was good too. The ‘filler’ episodes with James’ brother Dick Delingpole are always great fun.

Download the Delingpole podcasts while you can – who knows when they’ll get pulled, as Breitbart canned the podcast for reasons unannounced.

That’ll do for now. I’ll talk about some of the others in the sidebar another time.


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