The world on its head

There’s not much for me to say about this that hasn’t been said elsewhere. Nick Sandmann and his schoolboy cohort are being demonised by swivel-eyed shitlibs for doing precisely nothing wrong – unless what you count as wrong includes bravely, silently and motionlessly refusing to capitulate to an antagonistic, bullying mob of race-hustlers, and then refusing to bow to the ensuing twittermob.


For further commentary, I’ll defer to the eloquent words from:

Tim Newman: Sitting Bullsh*t

Spiked: This is a New Low for the Twittermob

Chateau Heartise: The Anti-White Hate Machine

…and for the final words, Adam Piggott: The Moment a Boy Becomes a Man

I’m also minded of the comments Aaron Clarey made relating to a previous trip on the Outrage Bus, specifically Baraboo, in which he astutely observed that America has become South Park – i.e. the kids are alright, it’s the adults who are all fucking mental.

Who’d be a white kid in America today, when degenerate coloured adults have it in for them, and white adults (mostly) do not have their backs?

Captain, I’m calling in a meteor strike.


UPDATE: There’s rat stink in the olfactories with this Nathan Phillips bloke. And here. And here. And here.

UPDATE 2: Decent commentary on this from Stefan Molyneux


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