Gillette Jaune: Where you gonna go then?

Much hoohar yesterday about Gillette’s seemingly unfathomable new marketing campaign.

They’re looking to tick all the boxes in one single campaign:

  • Caracature men scripted by women who clearly don’t understand men.
  • Toxic masculinity. Man bad.
  • White girls dig black guys; black man redeemable, white man not.
  • Manly men are bad – except when they’re black and tamed. Estrogen-rich soyboys are not so bad, so long as they do what the girls say.
  • #metoo

Well, good luck with that, Gillette.

Should you wish to divert your funding away from the globo-monopolist SJW-riddled megacorps, the choices aren’t as simple as they may seem. Who are the upstart competitors?

The candidate on the tip of everyone’s tongue has been Dollar Shave Club, which alas was recently bought by Unilever for $1Billion. The ad campaign they ran in the UK last year seemed laden more with estrogen than testosterone, too.

As well as owning Dollar Shave Club, Unilever is the parent company of ultra-woke Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, and also of Dove Soap, which latterly capitulated to the SJWs over an ad-campaign, and have no doubt been in sackcloth and ashes ever since. It is also a long-time net contributor to the Democrat party in America.

Okay, so.. Harry’s? Well, they appear still to be independently owned – insofar as that’s possible when you have VC funding coming out of your ears. The VCs can only get a return on their investment in the timeframes they’d like by selling Harry’s to one of the big boys such as Nestlé. I suppose they’ll suffice as a stopgap, but keep your eye on things. Personally, I don’t like their subscription-based model, so I avoid.

One name that Brits will identify with, yet may be surprised to have forgotten about, is Wilkinson Sword. It’s American owned, but having previously been a Pfizer property, appears to now be in a small independent group that doesn’t seem to be a political organisation with a sideline in grooming products.


UPDATE: I hadn’t looked at Harrys’ twitter feed until I saw this from Delingpole. I see his point. They are woke as fuck. Avoid.

UPDATE 2: A useful suggestion in the comments from Patently that I’d not been aware of.


6 thoughts on “Gillette Jaune: Where you gonna go then?

  1. Sounds like the women really just want to be slapped about and are playing with whitey. He has to do it right. I’m not in for that. Strange people.

      • It’s all to do with daddy. They’re weird and unsolvable. Leave us to our healthy sexuality.

        Basically, they want the World’s Strongest Man to ravish them but they’re fully-booked so they have to settle for an iffy security guard.

        It’s all Reddit, it’s all big cocks, daddies and hard nuts.

  2. I use The Bearded Colonel—similar concepts to the others, I just happened to come across it first (on Facebook, as it happens).


    P.S. Welcome back, by the way. Aren’t RSS readers marvellous…?

  3. Unless Phillips went full blown SJW and I am not aware about it, go buy Phillips el razor. Cost more, but you pay only once then use for years. Personally, I am happy with it. Forgot about pains, creams. Only downfall for me is it need more time to shave, but hell, can do that while still in warm bed.1

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