Is there any sanctuary?

Politics is tiring. It is infuriating, futile and damaging to the mental health. The circular arguments, the logical fallacies, the biased media, the useful idiots, the establishment steamroller, the capitulation of the kind Niemöller wrote about.

Progressive politics seem to be permeating all aspects of life. Everything is an issue of race, gender, sexuality and equity (equality of outcome, not opportunity) in all of these areas. Everything excellent is ‘problematic’ or ‘toxic’ until it has been made mediocre.

How does one retreat from it and take a break in an apolitical bubble where politics has not been crowbarred into the situation in order to push a message, where there’s no flim-flam and you can ‘just do it’?

Watch a movie or TV show? It’d better be an old one, or it’ll all be about how strong independent women are at least as good as dumb, privileged men, how interracial relationships are just more enlightened, how dark skinned people are more virtuous and noble than white men, or how globalist progressives are humane while nationalist traditionalists are bigoted dinosaurs who will get their deserved comeuppance.

Play a video game? Good luck. It’d better not be a Ubisoft or Electronic Arts one. Rockstar seems to be the only AAA game producer more or less guaranteed to leave identity politics at the door (or better still, take the piss out of it). And good luck finding an MMO game that hasn’t been co-opted by entryists with a social justice agenda.

Read a book? Well, if you’re into Sci-Fi & Fantasy genres, you’re fast running out of options unless you know where to look, and you’d sure as hell better avoid anything pubished by the biggest name, Tor Books. If you’re into murder mystery, you’d better avoid some of the biggest authors in that genre (e.g. Val McDermid).

Comics? See books and video games.

Write computer programmes? Haha.. no really. The open source movement is a suppurating sore of SJW codes of conduct and preoccupation not with engineering excellence, but with feelings and inclusivity.

Go to the theatre? And be lectured by Benedict Cumberbatch, or sit through a ‘reimagining’ of a classic play where the roles and the story have been twisted and perverted out of all recognition in the name of diversity?

Join a club or play an organised team sport? Good luck finding one that hasn’t been polluted by a campaign for women’s representation, anti-racism and feelings, to the detriment of fellowship, honesty, cohesion and masculine traits. Hell, you can’t even watch football without being confronted with Gary Linekar’s gurning lefty mug, which cannot be disassociated from his vocal pronouncements about Brexit etc.

Listen to a podcast? If you can find the podcasts that do not have an overt or covert progressive identity politics agenda (or express an anti Trump/anti Brexit preference) then cherish them, and share. Far too many of the ones that aren’t infected with progressive identity politics, – even my favourites – become very tiresome when they spend the entire time reacting and revolting against the above via manospherics, libertarianism, nationalism etc.

Go to a comedy gig? If you find a funny, edgy one that hasn’t been neutered for fear of an SJW backlash, or shutdown because of the backlash, please let me know. Chris Rock, Gerry Seinfeld, Louis CK, all shutdown or elected to avoid the scene. Frankie Boyle? Once pretty much the most edgy British comedian, he has reinvented himself in the most expedient and profitable way, at the cost of anything resembly funny.

Go to church? Catholicism and Anglicanism have both been subverted from the top down. One by one – or in bulk – the thousand year old teachings of the word of God have been twisted beyond all recognition to suit modern idology to a point where it’s unrecognisable to anyone who was introduced to religion via traditional Christianity. There are a few churches, men of God and congregations out there that have some backbone, but they are few and far between.

Go out for dinner? Watch your intake of salt, fat, sugar and alcohol, or the Chief Nanny will come and clear your table before you have finished. Public health politics are just another strain of the paternalist authoritarianism that used to be the preserve of the fusty, reserved conservative, but is now is very much the purview of the shouty, sanctimonious ‘something must be done’ left.

Go out with friends? In the past 2-3 years, friendships and communities have been rent asunder in the UK and USA by Brexit and Trump. Many of us do still have good friends with whom we disagree on these topics. We and they are forced to tread gingerly around these areas, lest a terminal rift open up.

I know that in each of these areas, the good stuff does exist, but in each case what’s on offer is finger food – an hors d’oeuvre – as opposed the 8-course banquet of leftist, politicised, ‘woke’, stomach-churning pablum.

What have the progressives not yet undermined? Do I need to emigrate to Italy and read Dante? What and where is left unadulterated?

Bueller? Bueller?


2 thoughts on “Is there any sanctuary?

  1. I actually think, post-Brexit, wer could do to suspend elections for a period and send all the MPs and Lords home. Most of the Labour MPs are useless and the Tory MPs – the sensible ones, anyway – realise that they are in the way of life. The best thng is to ignore them.

    We need a new generation of lassez-faire libertarian reformers who can make the country fit for purpose. Supply-side economics, low taxes, plenty of liberty and a justice system that works. Basically, I’m with Cowperthwaite.

    As for progressive politics – it’s all me-me-me, REEEE. I’m white, you’re black. You’re alrighrt, you’re just black. Stop making a big issue out of it and let’s all get on together. We have things to do. As for all this transgender thing – it really is a mental illness most of the time.

    Most of the problem is to do with people that didn’t get the right start in life. This is why the NHS is such a godawful tip. Hospitals should be places of life, not death. For all the modernising they do of the foyers, the reality is still unremittingly grim.

    As I said, I believe we need a meritocracy based on the principle of personal responsibility. Some of them Lords might know a thing or two – basically, get all the intelligent people together and let them come up with solutions. But with freedom in mind. We’ll be lean and rich.

    You can live a good life, you just have to know how. As for the rest, I don’t go to the theatre, I watch old films, I read factual books and I dislike REEE.

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