Quantum of Sodoff…

I don’t often write on techie matters, but since this one is in the MSM for the attention of the incognoscenti, I’m making an exception.

With much fanfare, Mozilla have just released a major new version of their Firefox browser called Firefox Quantum. It’s a major leap forward from what was a browser with 13 years of legacy baggage.  They can stick it up their ass sideways.

It’s supposed to be quite good, if you’re interested, but it comes from an organisation that is rife with SJW nonsense, where not even the erstwhile CEO Brendan Eich was afforded freedom of conscience to diverge from the mores of the right-on monsters.

Eich was hounded out of his role in 2014 for the crime of not having previously been in agreement with same-sex marriage, and having made a small political donation to a campaign aiming to block the legality of same in California.

Eich’s departure came shortly after employees at Mozilla brought to light the fact that back in 2008, he had donated $1,000 to support Proposition 8, a California law that banned same-sex marriage (courts have since struck down the measure). That news made its way across Twitter and the popular dating site, OkCupid, which posted a letter saying “Mozilla’s new CEO, Brendan Eich, is an opponent of equal rights for gay couples.” It went on, “We would therefore prefer that our users not use Mozilla software to access OkCupid.” Though Eich apologized for causing “pain” and insisted he could separate his personal views from the way he ran the company, that didn’t wash with the board.

Therefore I will not avail myself of the product from such an organisation*.

Instead, if you want to try a modern, lightweight, fast browser, try Brendan Eich’s recently released new browser, Brave, available for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, phones etc.


*I would dearly love to be able to dump Chrome as well, but that is easier said than done, sadly. It’s no reason to go from bad to worse.


Easy Answers to Hard Questions part 1775…

The Tellygiraffe reports today:

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 13.32.29


My heart bleeds for these women who are either so numerically illiterate or wont to disregard facts in order to push a divisive and disingenuous political falsehood.

The gender pay gap for people under about 30 is now non-existant – as admitted in the Guardian. Beyond that, the gap is accounted for by women taking time out of the workforce to have families. Before they start families they are out-earning men, having been more likely to attend university.

Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, which campaigns for gender equality, suggested more senior roles would go to women if they were offered on a part-time, or job-share, basis. “Unless there is good reason not to do so, that should be a company’s default thinking,” she said. “Sadly, the opposite is true: once you get to a certain level, it’s a full-time role, which excludes many women from roles they would be perfectly capable of doing.”

And there’s the rub. High level positions demand ever more commitment and lack the flexibility that more junior positions can often enable. You can’t be a part time CEO, Finance Director, prosecuting Barrister, MP, entrepreneur etc. The world simply does not work that way. Those not able or prepared to make the necessary sacrifices would always be overtaken by those who are.

No-one is complaining of the corollary by the way, whereby because many women cannot reasonably juggle senior positions with raising a young family, their male partners work twice as hard to succeed, with the onus to provide financial support for their families being a more or less sole burden once their partner is rasing the family.

So here’s the answer: Any woman who believes that she is working the rest of the year for free, should take the rest of the year off. For these are the women who are so consumed with a deluded and destructive agenda that they probably cause more problems than they are worth in their workplaces. Productivity is unlikely to be impacted by their absence. Improved workplace relations and team effectiveness are likely to prevail in their absence.

And they when they return to the office in January, tell then to sod off again. The world owes them nothing.



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