Nothing to do with White Van Man…

With the benefit of hindsight, it was inevitable, wasn’t it? White man drives van into Muslims outside Finsbury Park Mosque.



I mean.. are we really surprised after everything that has happened in the last few months?

This is to say nothing of the events across Europe in recent times, particularly France and Germany. The horror stories from the Bataclan are breath-taking.

But of course, the usual suspects are all up in arms, like this attack is more serious that any of the foregoing. Like the 1 dead and 10 injured here are somehow more precious and important than the 36 dead and 217 injured by Islamists in England in 2017. 

Conveniently, plod is on the news saying “this is being treated as a terrorist attack”. That’s the nub of the whole charade. Now people can smugly say “well it’s not just Muslims who carry out these attacks”.. as if that makes any of it okay. Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) is now on the news using language that draws equivalence between this attack and the Islamist attacks, opining that this individual “was allowed to be radicalised” etc etc.

But if this man was radicalised, it wasn’t by a rogue Vicar at a church. It was by the mealy-mouthed response to events from politicians who have allowed British people (and our visitors) to be slain by a medieval death cult, which the government and its agencies have allowed to enter the country and to incubate this death cult in our midst. It was by the righteous lefties and the celebs and the multiculti-happyclappy Primrose Hill mob who hate the white working class as much as they love vibrant and diverse savages. It was those who have allowed large swathes of British towns and cities to become foreign enclaves, where white people cannot go, and English isn’t spoken.

This was a reprisal against Muslims for Islamic terrorism perpetrated against the British people. But as inevitable as it may have been, it was also woefully misdirected.

As I said previously the angry response should be to the mealy-mouthed apologists in our own camp.

As an aside, I don’t suppose it’d make any different if we were to learn that this man in police custody had personally lost a loved one in one of these 2017 Islamist attacks, would it? I think it would to me.


UPDATE: It occurs to me that a side effect of this being treated as a terrorist attack is that the police will be able to spend the next month locking up people under the extremely broad, draconian and easy to use anti-terror legislation for posting anything to the effect of “good on him” on Facebook, Twitter etc. So expect there to be many scalps taken on that front in the coming days and weeks.

Also expect there to be no-one from the Muslim  community arrested for venting against whitey or calling for deaths, revenge attacks etc. These things will inevitably happen, but nothing will be done about it.

It also provides a convenient post hoc justification for the hitherto outrageous use of anti-radicalisation powers in schools against white kids who express an interest in stuff like UKIP.

In related news from the 5th column in our midst…



UPDATE 2: Theresa May’s already been at the mosque commiserating with the locals. Where was she when dozens burned to death less than a week ago?  She had to be dragged out of her cave kicking and screaming. I think we all know where Red Theresa’s priorities lie, don’t we.

UPDATE 3: As above… the crowing and death chants from the ISIS supporters begin…

UPDATE 4: A small reminder:



To blame “Evil Tories” is to miss the point spectacularly…

Yes, the Grenfell Tower disaster happened in Kensington & Chelsea London Borough Council’s area, and the building was owned and run by their housing wallahs (KCTMO), and this council has been Tory ever since it was first convened in 1965.

Amid the protests about the incident – which were hijacked by ghastly anti-Tory protestors with no stake in the issue at hand –  there have been lots of claims that the disaster is due to cuts imposed by the evil Tories, and that the refurbishment of the building was done on the cheap.

They’re the real victims here….

What, then, explains the similar fire that happened at Lakanal House in Camberwell in 2009 in which 6 people died and many more were injured? This happened under a Labour government, in a London Borough that is as red as Kensington and Chelsea is blue. By the very nature of demographics and politics, many of the other similar tower blocks are in Labour controlled council areas, and there but for the grace of God go they.

Remarkably, K&CLBC has at time of writing not updated the webpage associated with the building, which tells of the refurbishments being undertaken.


It still proudly states

Grenfell Tower, on the Lancaster West Estate in North Kensington, has been undergoing major refurbishment.

The large scale works included the installation of insulated exterior cladding, new double glazed windows and a new communal heating system. A new communal entrance has been created and there are new facilities for returning tenants, Grenfell Under 3s Nursery and Dale Youth Amateur Boxing Club. Nine much needed new homes have been created from unused spaces.


.. and carries a link to a page about “living in healthy homes”. That page, in turn, leads to a page about fire safety, which states:

The Royal Borough has some of the largest Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in the country, with properties often comprising five or more storeys, and containing up to thirty dwellings. Tackling fire safety protects residents from unsafe conditions.

Compulsory licensing of HMOs was introduced by the Housing Act 2004. It applies to all privately rented HMOs that are three or more storeys high, occupied by five or more people who form more than one household, and where there is some sharing of amenities.

A programme of inspections takes place to tackle high-risk HMOs to ensure that means of escape and adequate fire safety measures are in place and to identify unlicensed HMOs.

There is an overlapping fire safety responsibility between the Council and the London Fire Brigade (LFB). Owners are required to carry out a fire risk assessment and make an emergency plan. The fire risk assessment is a systematic examination of the premises to identify the hazards from fire which must be recorded.

The Council enforces the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) in the private sector under the Housing Act 2004. The HHSRS is a ‘risk based’ assessment of the risks to safety from fire and other hazards. The Council has a range of enforcement powers to ensure that premises are made safe. Management Regulations in HMOs also impose requirements that fire safety measures are maintained.

See my emphases? The legislation (brought in by a Labour government) only applies to private sector accommodation. Not to these death-trap buildings owned by the state.

There can be little doubt that the Tory/LibDem coalition, and subsequently the Tory government, failed to heed and act upon the lessons that came out of the 2009 incident. But what reason does anyone have to believe that – whatever their noble intentions, and given their 13 year record in power – a Labour government would have responded any more competently or effectively?

Which leads me to my conclusion: state control and ownership are. A. VERY. BAD. THING. Whoever is in charge. Doesn’t matter if it’s Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens or the flying carpet merchants of the Natural Law Party. The state sucks at managing things, and they always cause misery, suffering and death.

There are so many angles from which to come at this and arrive at the same conclusion, but they always come back to one thing: Incentives.

As above, 6 people died in Camberwell in 2009. Only weeks ago, in 2017, Southwark Council was fined £270,000 – a mere peppercorn – for their part in the disaster. No-one went to prison for corporate manslaughter, no-one lost their sinecure or their gold-plated pension. The fine that was paid was the public’s money, not the council’s, being transferred from one arm of the state to another, with the middlemen taking their cut. That’s to say nothing of the £300,000 of court costs and the doubtless huge sum of public money that the council will have spent in legal fees to defend itself and deflect legal liability from its officeholders.

What incentive does anyone in any council have to do anything differently? If that had been a privately owned and run building, do you honestly believe the outcome would have been the same? Would there have been no company director dragged through the courts, no prison sentence, no personal financial losses?

Let’s face it, neither public nor private sector landlords care about the people who inhabit their properties, so long as they pay the rent. In the private sector, however, the “fat cats” have to watch their own backs.

The public sector demonstrably doesn’t have to play by the same rules as the private sector where there is more stringent law and regulation that means that standards are enforced, and people are held accountable when things go wrong. The public sector doesn’t have to deal with the market forces that  would see a private company that was culpable for such a disaster collapsing and their stakeholders being ruined.

Does anyone want to take my £50 bet that says no-one in the employ of the state will go to prison for this latest failing of the state? I’ll also bet £25 that no state employee will be defenestrated either.

It’s sad that it takes a tragedy such as this to illustrate my point, but when will people learn that the state is not their friend or protector, no matter who is in charge?


Stick your thoughts and prayers up your arse…

How much good did they do after the incident at Westminster, or the one in Manchester?

It’s your pathetic, appeasing “thoughts and prayers”, and “nothing to do with Islam” shit that make these people despise our cowardice and capitulation all the more, and inspires them to carry on. 

Fuck Muslim terrorism, and fuck any Muslim who finds that more offensive that the dozens of dead bodies we’ve had in the UK in 2017 thanks to radical muslims..

Say “no more”. Call it what it is, condemn it and resist it. Or shut your fucking mouth and get the fuck out of here.


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