Fuck your dead baby, Gordon Brown…

Not literally, obvs, but…


Now, look. If this were an everyman who’d tragically lost his child – someone who was minding his own business and focussed on keeping his head above water – I’d have nothing to say on the matter. If pressed I’d express quiet sympathy.

But not for Gordon Brown. This is a man who wrecked an economy that was in great shape. He taxed Britain half to death, and for the other half he doled out tax credits perpetuating the welfare trap and driving the state into the heart of ever more households. He raided pensions, depriving millions of people who’d spent their lives doing the right thing of the comfortable retirement they were soon to enjoy. He put in place the system of incentives that drove millions to replace their petrol cars with disastrously poisonous diesel vehicles which have contributed to the illness, suffering and death of many thousands of people. He bailed out the banks with our money and gave the City licence to take absurd risks. He oversaw billions of pounds of QE that saw asset prices skyrocket, doing more to increase the gap between the haves and have-nots than anyone before him. He tied the NHS to disastrously expensive PFI finance deals that will still be getting paid off out of diminishing NHS funds long after he’s shuffled off.

And we’re supposed to give a flying fuck about his dead baby, and that 15 years on, his beneficence has enabled a baby to be born, and survive, which will most likely be a burden on the NHS and the welfare state for its entire life?

Sorry but no. Just no. Eat shit and die, Gordon Brown.



One thought on “Fuck your dead baby, Gordon Brown…

  1. And one of his surviving children has Cystic Fibrosis, thus explaining why Brown pumped millions into the NHS without oversight.


    Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic disorder, meaning the pair of them have been cavalier about breeding. But hey what the heck, the guy was an antique when he got hitched and the wife and sprogs were just a means to further a (failed) political ambition.


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