International Uppity Marxist Bints’ Day…

Yep, it’s coming around again, and the portion of womankind who engage in this sort of moaning shite are more uppity than ever.



What is it these women want exactly? We have:

      • A female British Prime Minister
      • A female First Minister of Wales
      • A female First Minister of Scotland
      • We may still end up with a female First Minister of Northern Ireland continuing in post too even though the power-sharing government collapsed because she’s corrupt and incompetent.
      • A female Home Secretary
      • A female Justice Secretary
      • Women running the departments of Education, International Development, DEFRA, Culture Media & Sport
      • A female Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police
      • A justice system that is biased towards women, both in the family courts, and in the sentencing for criminal convictions.
      • A female head of state for more than 65 years
      • A woman has been Chancellor of Germany – the most powerful EU country – for 11 years
      • There was almost a female President of the USA, were it not for the fact she is a ghastly, corrupt, machine politician of the worst kind. I mean, how bad do you have to be to be beaten by Trump?
      • I work for a global company where the UK CEO is a woman, and the exec director of my division is a woman. My MP is a woman. My GP is a woman.

We also have a lot of women who – much to the disgust of the uppity brigade – don’t want any such powerful position that takes over your life. They want a family, and time to enjoy that family. This, by the way, accounts for the so-called gender pay gap. Women outperform men in earnings until the point at which they start to have children, when their priorities change dramatically, and the men who are fathering these children double-down on their efforts to achieve financial success and security for their families.

So what is it they’re “Being Bold for Change” about, with their hashtags and marches? Well, all kinds of redundant shit actually. They’re busily campaigning for e.g. women to become software developers.  They’re silent, however, on the domination by women of professions such as teaching, and on the apparently voluntary marginalisation of women in the fields of mining, refuse collection, farming, construction. I wonder why.

And, predictably enough, something they’re conspicuously NOT campaigning for is equality and emancipation for women in the Islamic world, or for the rights of women and girls in Germany, Sweden, Britain, France and elsewhere to remain unmolested by Muslim immigrants and refugees.

Anyway, in the spirit of taking a leaf of of the book of these leftist charlatans, here are some cuckpanies that are supporting this crap.


Join me in boycotting these organisations – AECOM, Avon, BP, Caterpillar, EBRD, EY, F5, MetLife, Pepsico, Vodafone and Western Union – that will evidently use the proceeds of anything you buy from them to further the goals of this dreadful basket of leftist imbeciles. Most of this will be easy, but I’ll have to somehow learn to live without products from Avon. Pray for me.

In other news, I was trying to make sense of the IWD logo…


…and it struck me. It’s an ouroboros. The serpent that eats itself.

Image result for Ouroboros

Given the distinctly female trait of back-biting and turning on their own, this makes a great deal more sense than anything else on their website.


PS In case you’ve any interest in lowering yourself to their level, tucking your tackle between your legs and wishing for the men to have their own international day of pathetic self-pity, International Men’s Day is 19th November


Mastermind Stitch-up

I don’t often post about anything so trivial, but really? The Mastermind final?

A woman who got 12 points in the 1st round (mid-table). A man who got 15 points in the 1st round (top scorer).

After the general knowledge, this woman was on 29, while the bloke managed 26.

For 4 of the 6 other finalists, I probably got about 30% of their general knowledge questions. For matey I got >50%. For the “winner”’s questions I got 16/17. So did the OH.

So I surmise that this Mastermind final was a total stitch-up. To get 17 points from 2.5mins of general knowledge in the final is absurd. Short, easy questions for one contestant out of 6.

This woman has won Mastermind on her 4th attempt, having made it to the semi-finals 3 times, so I’m not saying she’s a dummy by any stretch, but really… Not a moral victory. It was a gift, and it stinks to high heaven.





Oxford University’s plans to launch a summer school for poor white children are to be applauded. Our best university is the latest to recognise that poor white children do worse than any other group in terms of education. They need help, and Oxford wants to provide it.

But for all its good intentions, Oxford can only do so much, because white working class kids are not going to get a look in at the best universities while they flounder at schools.

When I started there, my dad  described Oxford as a university version of John Lewis. In a sense he was right: Oxford remains a very southern, very middle-class institution.  2015’s intake saw a decline in admissions from state schools and over 2,800  applications from London alone. This compares to  just 211 from one of the poorest regions in the UK – the North East.

Here’s the thing then.

Are we just saying that it’s specifically poor white kids who cannot be helped by Oxford, because they flounder at school? Just like, say, black boys also do?

Or, while we’re admitting that affirmative action, special dispensations or otherwise giving poor white kids a leg-up will be of no help whatsoever, can we therefore agree that the same is true of similar initiatives that may exist for ethnic minorities, women, LGBTs, trans-dimensional cephalopods etc?

Yes? Good.


Fuck your dead baby, Gordon Brown…

Not literally, obvs, but…


Now, look. If this were an everyman who’d tragically lost his child – someone who was minding his own business and focussed on keeping his head above water – I’d have nothing to say on the matter. If pressed I’d express quiet sympathy.

But not for Gordon Brown. This is a man who wrecked an economy that was in great shape. He taxed Britain half to death, and for the other half he doled out tax credits perpetuating the welfare trap and driving the state into the heart of ever more households. He raided pensions, depriving millions of people who’d spent their lives doing the right thing of the comfortable retirement they were soon to enjoy. He put in place the system of incentives that drove millions to replace their petrol cars with disastrously poisonous diesel vehicles which have contributed to the illness, suffering and death of many thousands of people. He bailed out the banks with our money and gave the City licence to take absurd risks. He oversaw billions of pounds of QE that saw asset prices skyrocket, doing more to increase the gap between the haves and have-nots than anyone before him. He tied the NHS to disastrously expensive PFI finance deals that will still be getting paid off out of diminishing NHS funds long after he’s shuffled off.

And we’re supposed to give a flying fuck about his dead baby, and that 15 years on, his beneficence has enabled a baby to be born, and survive, which will most likely be a burden on the NHS and the welfare state for its entire life?

Sorry but no. Just no. Eat shit and die, Gordon Brown.


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