All that is wrong with politicians…

This asshole makes me want to spit……


Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley has revealed that he killed a man when he was driving at the age of 17.

Mr Bartley, 45, said he was returning home from a concert when a student walked in front of his vehicle in London.

Speaking on talkRADIO, he added that he had apologised to the victim’s family after attending the inquest and that his Christian faith, family and friends had helped him to deal with the incident.

He told the broadcaster: "I was coming back from a gig and a guy came out in front of me and I killed him, and I’ve had to live with that for the rest of my life.

“I grew up with a strong moral code and it felt as though I had been responsible by mistake… I felt so low. I woke up the next morning feeling I didn’t deserve to go on living."

He added: "Cars are lethal weapons, it isn’t just about air pollution they emit."

A Green Party spokesperson said: “This tragic incident is something Jonathan has always been open about.

"An inquest was held at the time and he was found to have done nothing wrong.

"This incident had a profound impact on Jonathan and is one of the reasons he is a passionate campaigner for road safety measures to protect pedestrians and cyclists.”

So, let’s summarise shall we.


a) the man was involved in an unavoidable accident in which a reckless pedestrian placed themselves in the path of his car, such that no-one could have avoided hitting him, and was the pedestrian was killed.


b) the man was a shitty driver when he was 17, was tired while driving at night after a gig, and his probable (but unprovable) ineptitude and unarguable inexperience means he was involved in a fatal accident that a competent and alert driver could well have avoided.

Either way he states that he felt guilty.

However, in order to assuage his guilt, he didn’t enter a monastery and dedicate his life to quiet contemplation and devotion to his God. No, he entered politics in order to project his failings onto the rest of society, and use his position to advocate for draconian restrictions on people’s freedom of choice and movement.

There are millions of motorists who drive hundreds of thousands of miles each in their lifetimes, without ever killing or injuring anyone. But because this fuck-knuckle can’t get behind the wheel without someone dying, cars are weapons, and we shouldn’t be at liberty to own or use such lethal contraptions.

I bet that this greenie idiot isn’t campaigning for the two things that would really make drivers safer: make the driving test significantly more challenging and make everyone re-take it every 5 years.

And yet… this man is an advocate for cyclists. Like this 19 year old cyclist who collided with a pedestrian that consequently died last year, and this cyclist whose collision with a pedestrian left a person in a critical condition last year. This report suggests that “Cyclists ‘almost as likely’ to injure pedestrians as cars”.

Bicycles are weapons and their use must be severely curtailed and regulated.

Not really… cars and bicycles are just tools. So are politicians, and I know which I’d prefer to see severely curtailed.



One thought on “All that is wrong with politicians…

  1. Perhaps is the police enforce the law regarding cyclists cycling on pavements these pedestrians might not get hurt and or killed. As for the Greenie, who is surprised he wants to ban something? They are just showing you their inner Nazi.

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