Suicide Prevention Strategy…

In case you weren’t aware, the government has a “suicide prevention strategy” and they’re preparing to release an updated version.

And yet…and yet I can already guess with confidence that it won’t include the valuable insight is that the only thing the state can or should do to reduce suicides is to stop causing them.

Writing from a man’s perspective, and in mind of the fact that male suicides outnumber female suicides by more than 3:1 (16.8 per 100,000 for men and 5.2 per 100,000 for women) perhaps, if they want suicides to be reduced, there are some things they could stop doing – some of them for all people, some of them for men:

  • Naming men who have been accused (but not convicted) of rape or child abuse.
  • Sending people to prison for not paying the TV licence.
  • Putting the burden of proof on the accused in cases involving HMRC
  • Severely restricting access to justice for people who aren’t well off  & making those who successfully defend themselves against criminal charges bear their own ,often ruinous, legal costs
  • Importing cheap labour and raising the minimum wage, making low-skilled natives unemployable
  • Trapping people in a state of welfare dependency & disempowerment
  • Sending ill-equipped troops into questionable wars and then abandoning them, or worse, when they return home
  • Running social services departments that are massively incompetent or obsessed with a progressive agenda, time after time taking children into care without good reason while leaving those truly in danger with their parents
  • Creating an environment in which it’s better for authorities to keep quiet while thousands of children are being abused by Muslims, and mentally scarred for life
  • Massively favouring mothers over fathers in family court cases and Installing the state as a supposedly viable substitute for a father
  • Failing to provide mental health services in the NHS
  • Running an education system that favours girls’ learning style and treats boys like second class citizens at best
  • Devoting significantly more resources to women’s illnesses than men’s
  • Ignoring or even mocking male victims of domestic violence
  • Disproportionately imprisoning men while women are getting community punishments or lesser sentences for like crimes
  • Affirmative action for women in an effort to eliminate a none-existent gender pay gap
    Did I miss anything? Almost certainly.



One thought on “Suicide Prevention Strategy…

  1. Fucking hell spot on, best blog post 2017 so far. Everything wrong with our “gubberment” wrong in one post. “Elected” representatives who barely even give a shit about the people who elected: “just about sums it up”.

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