Consequences of Brexit come home to roost…

In a shrewder move than anyone saw coming, the Remainers have alighted upon a killer strategy to turn things around.

Frustrated with the vagaries of legal action and political lobbying, a consortium of pro-EU activists have teamed up with venture capitalists to attempt the ultimate feat of activist investing.

It began when new data analysis techniques stumbled up on a remarkable correlation between people who voted for Brexit and people who eat vast quantities of food from Greggs, almost to the exclusion of any other source of nutrition.


The logical next move is so obvious once this correlation is visible.

  • Buy Greggs
  • Threaten to move Greggs to Belgium in the event of the UK leaving the EU
  • Wait for proles to demand second vote
  • Win


    Because the hoi polloi will have no problem eating their words, so long as those words are wrapped in a greasy, flaky pastry.

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