Discredit to the nation…

Much hoohar about those who voted against last night’s motion in Westminster to invoke Article 50 by end of March 2017.

The motion passed resoundingly.

The telegraph, predictably enough, declared the 89 MPs who voted against to be contemptuous of the voters.


I’m afraid I have to somewhat disagree with this “analysis”. If we look at the list, 3 were from Northern Ireland’s SDLP, and 51 were from the Scottish National Party.

But look at the votes cast nationally in the referendum. Whether the English like this or not, the fact of the matter is that the Scots voted against Brexit 62:38 and the Northern Irish opposed it 56:44. Both of these margins are significantly more decisive than the English vote of 53:47 in favour, the Welsh 52:48, and the overall vote of 52:48.

So while you could convincingly argue that the English and Welsh MPs who voted against last night’s motion do indeed deserve a kicking, you simply cannot rationally say the same about the opposers representing the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland who did, in fact reflect their respective countries’ preferences properly.

I mean, there are enough horseshit generalisations from the Remainers, but they lost and are bitter. Must we who favour Brexit be bad winners and paint dissenters with unreasonably broad strokes?


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