Well… Fidel’s dead.

A murderer, a terrorist, a ruiner of a nation, its economy and its people.

Before you mourn this man read the stores of the parents whose aspiration for their adult offspring was for them to become prostitutes to North American tourists, because they’ll be far better off than were they to go into the medical profession for which they’ve striven to qualify. And that’s the good news.

Read, then, the stories about how Cuba has become a global locus of child prostitution, then ask yourself how it came to be.

You can blame America’s embargo if you like… but think about – and research – how this too came to be, and why no other nation in the Western world has been subject to the same treatment over such a sustained period.

If, armed with some facts, you still mourn this man, then you deserve to be loathed by yourself and others.



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