Ed Balls should serve a life term of ignominy and disgust…

It doesn’t really personally affect me that Ed Balls has opted to rehabilitate himself into polite society by prancing around on Strictly. After all, only utter fucking cretins watch that sort of crap on TV.

The problem is that the credulous muppets who watch this sort of crap are the very same people who are likely to say “fair play to Ed Balls, he’s a clodhopping prat, but at least he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I guess he’s alright after all”.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act does not apply to failed politicians whose crimes include blind dogmatic partisanship, thuggery, incompetence, political vandalism, narcissism, acting as the enthusiastic adjutant to one of the most disastrous politicians in British history, and behaving as if the height of political discourse is to pull faces and make the gestures of a thalidomide tourettes child in order to unsettle the chancellor of the exchequer when they’re delivering a budget statement.

No, Ed Balls should be imprisoned in a cage of ignominy and despair, and he should not be reintegrated into the community under any circumstances.



One thought on “Ed Balls should serve a life term of ignominy and disgust…

  1. This show is primarily for the ladies. They watch because of the clothes. They aren’t idiots. They are genuinely interested in stuff like that. I don’t know why but they are. My wife is a fan. I certainly don’t watch it. I suppose it’s (relatively) cheap TV really, although the judges and presenters get paid an awful lot.

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