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I suppose we should not be surprised to learn that Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from giving a talk at his old grammar school, in the wake of his unarguably influential role in mobilising young American voters to get behind Donald Trump in the recent US Presidential election.


However there are a couple of revealing things in this article, which absolutely support and underline Yiannopoulos’ central thesis in the talks given on his recent “Dangerous Faggot” tour of US university campuses.

The first is in the opening line of this ‘article’ by Tom Ough, who until I see evidence to the contrary, I’ll presume to be a spoiled, middle class snowflake, intellectual pigmy and a total mangina.

image                                     image

@TomOugh in his twitter profile. Not even joking. Look –>

He calls Yiannopoulos a “far-right controversialist”. I take issue with the description “far right” with its toxic connotations. As if he can be likened to the skinhead thugs of the EDL or of Britain First (former BNP activists). This is a flamboyant gay man with a well publicised taste for black boyfriends, after all.

Far-right is presumably ascribed to be his position because he takes issue with cry-bully feminists and their white knight hangers on. And because he identifies the obvious danger of welcoming mass Muslim immigration into western societies. A Muslim culture, he would point out – and I would agree completely – that is inimical to liberal western values. He calls feminists on their silence about the way Muslim society regards and treats women. Likewise, he calls the LGBT “community” on their silence about the way gay people are treated by Muslim societies – i.e. with uncompromising and murderous brutality. He compares – as this article points out with evident distaste – Islam with rape culture.

None of the things Yiannopoulos rails against are right wing conspiracies. They are well-documented truths, as innumerable cases from Africa and the Middle East, and from Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US clearly show.

The central thesis of his talks, that I alluded to above, is the narrowness of allowable opinion which dominates cultural and political discourse in a Western world that is in retreat from enlightenment values, cowering and indeed facilitating the advance of a Muslim culture that is the very opposite of enlightenment.

Yiannopoulos didn’t introduce me to the concept of the Overton Window, and its usefulness for measuring the spectrum of acceptable discourse, but he has likely introduced many to it during his talks, and he’s doing an exceptional job in pushing back against the further narrowing of opinion, and minds.

Long may he continue.

The tone of this article by Tom Ough illustrates personally why I will never pay a penny to The Telegraph, which has become more and more left wing and hysterical over recent years, featuring an ever increasing volume of contributions by feminists, social justice wankers and their poisonous ilk.

But there’s another miserable truth uncovered in this article.

A total of 220 sixth formers had signed up for the event with the consent of their parents. But on Friday the Department for Education’s counter-extremism task force contacted the school after receiving a complaint from a member of the public.

The Department of Education’s “counter-extremism task force”. Right. The task-force that was formed for the purpose of preventing Mad Mullah’s from promulgating their evil creed in schools has been turned on Milo.

Finally, Milo isn’t the only one who has highlighted and pushed back against the narrowing of allowable opinion, as effected by safe-spaces, no-platforming, censorship and cry-bullying. A far less in-your-face but no less effective player in this space is Tom Woods, whose books, articles and podcasts do a brilliant job of furnishing anyone interested in an alternative point of view on economics, politics and culture a wealth of interesting and useful information, guests and lines of intellectual and philosophical enquiry. The strap line to his podcasts is “prepare to set fire to the index card of allowable opinion”.

Unsurprisingly, Milo and Tom have appeared on one another’s podcasts. 

Even if you find Milo to be a bit full on, there is a wealth of other great, insightful guests on Tom’s podcasts.

Perhaps one really interesting incidental point is that both Milo and Tom Woods are Catholics. So they don’t need the left to forgive them their sins, ever.


UPDATE: Within minutes of my publishing the first version of this blog post, it seems Tom Ough has been taken in hand by Deputy Political Editor Steven Swinford. Gone is the line that calls Yiannopoulos “far-right”. A lot more content has been added too, and the article now makes much more interesting and balanced reading.

Although despite a total reworking of the article post 19:00, the timestamp of the article has not been updated.



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