Leader of the increasingly unfree world…

Trump or Clinton?

Well, one of these ghastly fuckers has to win the election. So I’m going to state my preference. Which is Trump, by a million miles. Not because I like the guy. But because he was right about one thing.

His being elected would be like Brexit x 100. It would be a massive “FUCK YOU” to the Washington establishment and all those who support them. And to all of those people who think more safe spaces, more political correctness, more speech codes, more sanctimonious witch hunts, more government, more affirmative action, more divisive multiculturalism, more taxes, less freedom of speech and action would all be good things.

I remember the faces on the BBC news team when the Tories won in 2015. That was priceless. Like someone had taken a big shit on their desks. I remember the faces on the BBC news team when they announced Brexit had prevailed. That was unforgettable. Like someone had ripped off their children’s heads and started a game of soccer with them.

The look on them, though, should  Trump prevail… well… I think I’ll enjoy that very much indeed. And the whole panoply of bien pensants in the media and politics getting it up them once again… oh it’s too much to hope for, isn’t it.

The pollsters and the bookies were wrong about the last UK election, They were wrong on Jezza becoming Labour leader. They were wrong on Brexit. Who’s to say they’re not also wrong about Trump? “Shy Trumpeters” anyone?

After my winning a very decent chunk of cash on Jezza becoming Labour leader, and then again on Brexit, to make it 3 for 3 by my bets on Trump coming in would just be the icing on the cake.

To quote the esteemed Tom Woods from his morning email today:

Trump says plenty of provocative things, so there’s no need to make things up about him. He obviously never said all Mexicans were rapists, but some people genuinely believe he did. He never put down veterans with PTSD as weak. And he certainly never mocked a reporter’s disability — that story was completely made up.

(Yes, I’ve seen the video of what Trump did — but he makes that hand gesture when he criticizes all kinds of wimps and creeps, and in any case Trump’s physical gesture in no way resembled that reporter or his disability.)

To my mind, though, all of Trump’s boorishness put together is but a grain of sand next to the Iraq slaughter George Bush presided over and Hillary cheered.

(And I don’t buy the "Trump supported the war" stuff; his three uninspired words in favor amount to nothing next to everything else he said at the time.)

Donald Trump is very poorly read and seems to know little about the world around him, sniff the sophisticates. (Admission: I myself have registered this complaint.)

This is quite unlike George W. Bush, of course, who we all know spoke five languages when he wasn’t quoting John Milton, composing sonnets, or shedding new light on the is-ought problem.
And oh, no, say the neocons and the GOP establishment: Trump doesn’t talk about "limited government"!

Because that’s what the world needs: more "talk" about limited government.

Where were these alleged conservatives when George W. Bush was pushing No Child Left Behind, government support for homeownership, Medicare Part D, and his countless other sins against limited government, including the bailouts during the financial crisis?

They were either making excuses, or fruitlessly wringing their hands.

Meanwhile, Bush was spreading universal human rights throughout the Middle East — a project Edmund Burke (if only Bush knew who that was) would have scorned as leftist and insane.

At no time did they repudiate him.

Incidentally, for all their caterwauling about Trump’s insufficient conservatism, what view held by National Review or the Weekly Standard these days could be described as conservative? What, apart from leftist rhetoric and legislative and social victories, do these knuckleheads think they’re conserving?

And make no mistake: Trump’s success is a poke in their eyes as well. Here they were, in all their manufactured outrage at the uppity masses who chose Trump over Jeb Bush, and not a single thing they said or did could stop it.

They’ve been paper tigers all along.

A vote for Trump, stated simply, is a middle finger to the media, the academic establishment, the entertainment world, the Social Justice Warriors, the elites of both parties, all of it.
Who in his right mind doesn’t want to give those people the middle finger?

Nationalism, fascism, authoritarianism, blah blah blah — as if any of that is substantively different from what we already have. This is a revolt against the establishment at all levels, and it transcends Trump himself, who almost certainly does not appreciate the full significance of his role or what is happening.

If Trump wins, no doubt there’ll be interesting times ahead, but they’ll also be more hilarious and less likely to involve World War 3 than if Clinton wins.

On the other hand, if Clinton wins, while the lefties will be crowing unbearably for some time to come (you could argue they need a consolation prize), we can look forward to her impeachment, making it 2 for 2 in the Clinton household, and if she embarks on any foreign military adventures, as she has indicated she would, we can look forward to the usual lefty suspects’ apoplexy, and enjoy that..



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