Outrage as new bank notes contain Trollow…

The Bank of England (and in particular its current leader) have a lot to answer for.

But, provided they do not capitulate to the latest tranche of offendotron retards, they – and he – stand to be forgiven by me.

In an act of weapons-grade trolling, the BoE have admitted that the material used to make the new fiver contains trace amounts of tallow, which is an animal fat product.


"There is a trace of tallow in the polymer pellets used in the base substrate of the polymer £5 notes," it confirmed.

More than 1,700 people so far have signed a petition demanding that the substance is no longer used in the production of the currency.

1700 unemployable people, who spend the day walking their manky dog-on-a-string round the local park while they drink White Lightning and listen to Chumbawamba and Radical Dance Faction and spending the remainder of their “job seekers” allowance getting more surgical-grade metalwork shoved into their face and body..

It is claimed that:

"The new £5 notes contain animal fat in the form of tallow. This is unacceptable to millions of vegans & vegetarians in the UK. We demand that you cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use," the petition read.

Some of the most insane of the outraged pledge to boycott this money (ridiculous) or refuse to accept it in their business transactions (illegal and, unless it’s your own business, gross misconduct).

Okay, so 1,700 dog-on-a-string motherfuckers have signed the petition, but “millions” are offended. I’m willing to bet upwards of 95% of those millions couldn’t give a fuck. Even some of the vegan ones. Oh, look…

"As a vegetarian I really find myself laughing at vegan-militant tweets. So now we shouldn’t use the new £5 note coz it’s not vegan? Get out," one user wrote.

Some Hindus are concerned too, in case the rrollow is coming from cows which are, of course, sacred.  And this notwithstanding all the BMWs and Mercedes, owned by Hindus, furnished with leather seats.

And as for the idea of Hindu Temples refusing to accept this money? I did an actual LOL in the car when I heard this idea on BBC news.

Anyway, I have an idea.  In the future, you could source your tallow not from cattle, but from people who sign change.org petitions, since the majority of them are clearly a burden to society and, doubtless, many of them are prodigiously obese so will provide a munificent alternative supply of trollow. 



UPDATE: The more I read the better it gets..

As industrial tallow can contain rendered pork fat, the use of the substance may also make the notes ‘haram’, or off-limits to practicing Muslims.

My concern is that this last aspect is the one that will lead to furious back-pedalling. After all… veggies, vegans and Hindus are extremely unlikely to kill you. Muslims though? Pfffft.



Well… Fidel’s dead.

A murderer, a terrorist, a ruiner of a nation, its economy and its people.

Before you mourn this man read the stores of the parents whose aspiration for their adult offspring was for them to become prostitutes to North American tourists, because they’ll be far better off than were they to go into the medical profession for which they’ve striven to qualify. And that’s the good news.

Read, then, the stories about how Cuba has become a global locus of child prostitution, then ask yourself how it came to be.

You can blame America’s embargo if you like… but think about – and research – how this too came to be, and why no other nation in the Western world has been subject to the same treatment over such a sustained period.

If, armed with some facts, you still mourn this man, then you deserve to be loathed by yourself and others.


Ed Balls should serve a life term of ignominy and disgust…

It doesn’t really personally affect me that Ed Balls has opted to rehabilitate himself into polite society by prancing around on Strictly. After all, only utter fucking cretins watch that sort of crap on TV.

The problem is that the credulous muppets who watch this sort of crap are the very same people who are likely to say “fair play to Ed Balls, he’s a clodhopping prat, but at least he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I guess he’s alright after all”.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act does not apply to failed politicians whose crimes include blind dogmatic partisanship, thuggery, incompetence, political vandalism, narcissism, acting as the enthusiastic adjutant to one of the most disastrous politicians in British history, and behaving as if the height of political discourse is to pull faces and make the gestures of a thalidomide tourettes child in order to unsettle the chancellor of the exchequer when they’re delivering a budget statement.

No, Ed Balls should be imprisoned in a cage of ignominy and despair, and he should not be reintegrated into the community under any circumstances.


Racist, sexist, fascist panphobic bollocks…

The narrow range of acceptable opinion is a problem. It’s problem when everyone is a racist, sexist, xenophobic fascist if they don’t conform to your definition of right-think, because it condemns those who stray from received opinion in a mild and genuinely inoffensive way to the same extent as those who are genuinely dangerous. C.f. calling both Milo and Thomas Mair “far right”.

Currently it’s a problem that anyone who thinks that cultural and political Marxism is – to borrow their own terminology – problematic is branded “far right” and “fascist” or “worse than Hitler”

It’s a problem because it allows the left to put everyone to the right of them in the same category, whether they think that prudent management of public finances is a good idea, or whether they go around stabbing and shooting MPs while shouting “Britain First”.

When these slurs are thrown around so casually and baselessly, they lose their power and meaning. We’re basically at the point now where to be called a racist, facist, sexist, whatever is nothing, whereas these were rightly, when applied sparingly, very grave accusations.

Language loses nuance, finesse and the tools to distinguish between a genuine extremist and someone merely with a different opinion. When you lose the richness of language and the ability to view things on a spectrum, you lose the ability to think properly.

At the risk of resorting to cliché, this was precisely the goal of Newspeak in Orwell’s 1984.

The purpose of Newspeak was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of Ingsoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible. It was intended that when Newspeak had been adopted once and for all and Oldspeak forgotten, a heretical thought — that is, a thought diverging from the principles of Ingsoc — should be literally unthinkable, at least so far as thought is dependent on words.

So I implore you to resist this narrowing at all costs. Object to and rebut all examples and instances of groupthink and of casting out dissenters.


Allowable opinion…

I suppose we should not be surprised to learn that Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from giving a talk at his old grammar school, in the wake of his unarguably influential role in mobilising young American voters to get behind Donald Trump in the recent US Presidential election.


However there are a couple of revealing things in this article, which absolutely support and underline Yiannopoulos’ central thesis in the talks given on his recent “Dangerous Faggot” tour of US university campuses.

The first is in the opening line of this ‘article’ by Tom Ough, who until I see evidence to the contrary, I’ll presume to be a spoiled, middle class snowflake, intellectual pigmy and a total mangina.

image                                     image

@TomOugh in his twitter profile. Not even joking. Look –>

He calls Yiannopoulos a “far-right controversialist”. I take issue with the description “far right” with its toxic connotations. As if he can be likened to the skinhead thugs of the EDL or of Britain First (former BNP activists). This is a flamboyant gay man with a well publicised taste for black boyfriends, after all.

Far-right is presumably ascribed to be his position because he takes issue with cry-bully feminists and their white knight hangers on. And because he identifies the obvious danger of welcoming mass Muslim immigration into western societies. A Muslim culture, he would point out – and I would agree completely – that is inimical to liberal western values. He calls feminists on their silence about the way Muslim society regards and treats women. Likewise, he calls the LGBT “community” on their silence about the way gay people are treated by Muslim societies – i.e. with uncompromising and murderous brutality. He compares – as this article points out with evident distaste – Islam with rape culture.

None of the things Yiannopoulos rails against are right wing conspiracies. They are well-documented truths, as innumerable cases from Africa and the Middle East, and from Germany, Sweden, the UK and the US clearly show.

The central thesis of his talks, that I alluded to above, is the narrowness of allowable opinion which dominates cultural and political discourse in a Western world that is in retreat from enlightenment values, cowering and indeed facilitating the advance of a Muslim culture that is the very opposite of enlightenment.

Yiannopoulos didn’t introduce me to the concept of the Overton Window, and its usefulness for measuring the spectrum of acceptable discourse, but he has likely introduced many to it during his talks, and he’s doing an exceptional job in pushing back against the further narrowing of opinion, and minds.

Long may he continue.

The tone of this article by Tom Ough illustrates personally why I will never pay a penny to The Telegraph, which has become more and more left wing and hysterical over recent years, featuring an ever increasing volume of contributions by feminists, social justice wankers and their poisonous ilk.

But there’s another miserable truth uncovered in this article.

A total of 220 sixth formers had signed up for the event with the consent of their parents. But on Friday the Department for Education’s counter-extremism task force contacted the school after receiving a complaint from a member of the public.

The Department of Education’s “counter-extremism task force”. Right. The task-force that was formed for the purpose of preventing Mad Mullah’s from promulgating their evil creed in schools has been turned on Milo.

Finally, Milo isn’t the only one who has highlighted and pushed back against the narrowing of allowable opinion, as effected by safe-spaces, no-platforming, censorship and cry-bullying. A far less in-your-face but no less effective player in this space is Tom Woods, whose books, articles and podcasts do a brilliant job of furnishing anyone interested in an alternative point of view on economics, politics and culture a wealth of interesting and useful information, guests and lines of intellectual and philosophical enquiry. The strap line to his podcasts is “prepare to set fire to the index card of allowable opinion”.

Unsurprisingly, Milo and Tom have appeared on one another’s podcasts.



Even if you find Milo to be a bit full on, there is a wealth of other great, insightful guests on Tom’s podcasts.

Perhaps one really interesting incidental point is that both Milo and Tom Woods are Catholics. So they don’t need the left to forgive them their sins, ever.


UPDATE: Within minutes of my publishing the first version of this blog post, it seems Tom Ough has been taken in hand by Deputy Political Editor Steven Swinford. Gone is the line that calls Yiannopoulos “far-right”. A lot more content has been added too, and the article now makes much more interesting and balanced reading.

Although despite a total reworking of the article post 19:00, the timestamp of the article has not been updated.


What do you get when you cross ‘bitches be crazy’ with ‘coppers are corrupt psychopaths’?



Never ever trust a copper, and never underestimate how utterly twisted and evil a woman can be, even (or especially?) to another woman.


This is just beautiful…



The Ivy League reaction is arguably the worst if Columbia is any indication: “Columbia students reel from shock of Trump victory.

“They came running, screaming, and crying to College Walk at 1 a.m.

Over 200 Columbia students gathered early Wednesday morning at the heart of campus, reeling from Republican nominee Donald Trump’s presidential victory with a mixture of shock, disgust, and sadness.

“Fuck Donald Trump,” they screamed. …

“I can’t believe this is happening,” students repeated.

“This is catastrophic for women, for minorities, for our country in general,” [student Sophie Neiman] said. “I’ve seen people weeping in the streets—I just cried onto my friend’s shoulder.”

“My civil rights have been compromised,” Adam Snyder said.

Such was the shock that many Columbia students wanted to postpone pending exams: “I think we should take a day—people say there’s always hope, but I think we should seriously take a day to despair,” student Joe Braun said.

On The Harvard Crimson main page we encounter this headline: “Donald Trump Wins Presidency in Divisive Upset.” Would it have called a Clinton win a “Divisively Expected Victory”?

At Cornell, students were “aghast” at the election outcome: “Trump Wins; Cornellians Aghast at Shocking Upset.”

“How the fuck is he winning? What the fuck?” a flummoxed Cornell undergrad is quoted as saying.

Shayra Kamal said, “I’m looking into flights back to Bangladesh right now, so I can deport myself before Trump repatriates me. Liberty and freedom are dead.”

“’We should’ve died in 2012 while we still had the chance,’ added Mitch Laski ’17, echoing several students who said they fear a Trump presidency will be the end of equal rights for minorities and free speech in the United States.”

Over at Yale, where the “Trump victory [left] students reeling,” students exhibited “teary eyes, bowed heads and cries of disbelief” and had the opportunity to participate in a post-election group primal scream “to express their frustration productively.”

At Trump’s alma mater, students reacted “with dismay [and] sadness” to the then-“unexpected” GOP candidate’s lead. “It is the most miserable and most depressing scene right now. People are actually extremely upset right now,” a student said.

The Brown Daily Herald reports that its community is “shaken” by the Trump win: “Trump is an idiot; he’s repulsive; he screwed the government,” complained one student. “If you’re not a white male then everything should scare you,” said another.

Outside the college elite, the attitude was similar.

UCLA’s Daily Bruin: “Students react with disbelief at Donald Trump presidential election win”

A USC Daily Trojan headline: “Students rally against election outcome.” Do they really think a rally will overturn the result?

The Stanford Daily reports its “Campus faces turmoil in wake of Trump victory.”

The Emory Wheel: “Trump Wins Presidency in Devastating Upset”



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