Go right ahead..


You’d better not be bluffing, you poisonous gnome.

Get on with it.



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Anti-social malcontent, misanthrope and miserable git.

3 Responses to Go right ahead..

  1. Joe says:

    Me, I’d say go ahead. As long as everyone pushing for this is personally liable for all of the costs of a referendum. Maybe then, when they lose again they’ll STFU for a while.

    Then there is the tiny issue of one being, one vote. Till they get it “right”. Funny how “democracy” stops there.

  2. Jim says:

    Please please please let them call another referendum! It would be as good a call (for the SNP) as Cameron calling the Brexit vote was for him. If they win (which they wouldn’t) they have to govern a country thats stony broke from day one, which would be fun to watch from south of the border. If they lose (which they would, as even the Scots can see that the oil price crash has done for independence) then we can get back to ignoring whatever the SNP says as they’ve played all their cards. Its got to be the easiest call in poker history – a party threatening to call a referendum that whatever happens means they’re f*cked.

  3. Tom Mein says:

    I am sure that the EU will welcome another economic basket case with open arms

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