Nation disappointed by cabbie’s squandered opportunity

I mean really.. He could have mowed her down.

But he failed.


Still, credit where it’s due. At least he told the silly cunt to do one.

Fuck you, Lily Allen. Fuck you in the eye socket with a severed Albanian penis.



Kassan for UKIP…

Hitherto, I had no particular views one way or the other about Raheem Kassan. I knew he was a bit of a UKIP foghorn in the pages of Breitbart, but I’ve not much interest in UKIP, so I never really paid attention.

Today, though, I’ve discovered that he’s actually commendably forthright about telling all the right people to fuck off.


Anyone who tells Benny Cucumberbutt and Laurie Penny to fuck off would get my vote.  I commend Kassan to you.

And if you don’t like it, fuck off.


It’s your turn this time…

Who’d have thought it possible.


Dog walking has been banned or severely restricted in more than 3,300 parks and open spaces in just two years since the introduction of new asbo-style control orders nicknamed the “busybodies’ charter”, it can be disclosed.

The Kennel Club accused local councils of using controversial new powers to wage an unnecessary and unjustified “war on dogs and their owners”.

Obviously I condemn restrictions on age-old freedoms imposed by the pecksniff sub-human scum who occupy local government, but every time we see one of these stories, it has a silver lining for me.

Amongst the millions of dog owners will be a vast swathe of people who are enthusiastic about other people’s liberty being curtailed or interfered with, often vindictively so – smokers, drinkers, drivers, young people etc

There will be millions to whose lips sentiments like “this should be banned” or “the government ought to do something about that” come all too easily who are, this time, finding the overreaching state coming for them.

A handful – hundreds maybe, a tiny percentage – will reflect on this twist of fate, and pledge to think more carefully next time they are tempted to demand action from the state to interfere with someone else’s life.

But most won’t.

Most people will switch on Bake Off or Strictly in order to prevent anything so unsettling as constructive thought interfering with their state of self-absorbed imbecility.

Fuck those people.


10 things…

… I’d most like to see die in a raging inferno, with their family looking on…

1) Anyone in government at the local, regional, national or supranational level

2) Anyone who works for (1)

3) Anyone of the useful idiots who advocate for, or professionally lobbies,  those who are (1) or (2)

4) Anyone who leads, or works for, an NGO – especially supranational NGOs

5) Anyone one who is a member or employee of a union that represents (1), (2), (3) or (4)

6) Anyone who thinks the NHS is a good idea

7) Anyone who thinks taxation is an equitable part of some kind of “social contract”

8) Anyone who is imbecilic and conformist enough to say shit like “if you don’t vote you have no right to complain” or “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”

9) Anyone who watches soap operas other than by accident. N.B. being a pussy-whipped little shit who sits there and watches it because “the wife” is going in the fire.

10) Anyone who disagrees with the assertion that speed limits are merely advisory.

Frankly, I think that would leave enough room left in the country for us to stretch our legs a little.

Well… do you have a better idea?


Sending someone a nasty email is a “violent crime” now…

Further pussification of the country…


The ONS said: “Violent crime covers a wide spectrum from minor assaults, harassment and abuse that result in no physical harm to the victim through to incidents of wounding and murder.

Sticks and stones, you stupid cunts.


Black Lives Matter UK is a terrorist organisation

There, I said it. Lock the fuckers up.




Let the foaming-at-the-mouth commence from the femtards.


Delicious. Made up for the lad.


UPDATE: No surprise that feminists are up in arms. Apparently, it sets a dangerous precedent when a judge allows a defence team to uncover the fact that a lying slut turns out actually to be a lying slut.

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