Trumped up charges

I’ve already declared that I’m voting for Tyson Fury for SPOTY..  he’s since advanced the cause further and absolutely sealed the deal.

Now I gotta finally get behind another man who is rattling the censorious “you can’t say that” shitmonkeys.

Le Trump


As with Fury, I don’t necessarily agree with any of what he says, but, as the ancient (possibly Arabic) saying goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Oddly – though he may now have recanted – Milo has endorsed Trump for president on the basis of his top trolling. I wasn’t convinced, but now I am.

Stick it up your politically correct spinogelatinous hoops.



One thought on “Trumped up charges

  1. I must admit I haven’t watched the news properly in a long time and certainly not sports news, to me Nigel Mansell could have won the Grand Prix in 2015 and I wouldn’t know. Conseqently I was like “who the fuck is Tyson Fury”? Well I see he’s a boxer, a boxer who has made a few comments other people are “offended” by. Well to those people: “fuck off, free speech rules” etc etc. I may or may not agree with what he says but I would defend his right to say it and all that stuff (Voltaire? I can’t remember offhand.)

    As for his wife “Paris Fury”, what a name to have! Why was I not surprised after Googling that she’s blonde? Lol.


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