Bwahahahar Mustafa

So, the fruitloop racist feminist from Goldmiths’ Students’ Union has had her collar felt.


To be fair, this has been comprehensively covered by Nero, Sargon, Liddle etc and I don’t really have anything fresh to add. I agree with their view which is that while Ms Mustafa is a ghastly piece of work, she should never have been arrested, let alone charged with crimes.

Sure she should have faced huge public opprobrium, ridicule and condemnation – and she did. That should have been the end of the matter. Efforts to have her removed from her job failed, and actually, I’m glad that the lynch mob failed in their quest, but at the same time, surely her employer ought to have seen that her comments and conduct were thoroughly incompatible with the post of “Welfare and Diversity Officer” that she held in the Goldsmiths’ SU.

Naturally, her fellow travellers are aghast at this “attack on free speech” while completely failing to acknowledge or understand that they have either stood idly by or cheered when the free speech of people they find less agreeable has been curtailed. This is the world they have helped to create, and it’s now bitten one of their own on her arse.

Conversely, many libertarian types (both left and right leaning) share my position, which is that expressed by Noam Chomsky, and similarly attributed to Voltaire, correctly or not.

Media preview

That is a stance you don’t seem to see from the SJW, lefty bien pensant types, many of whom are outraged and disgusted that dreadful right wing white men, and GamerGate supporters are rallying to the #IStandWithBaharMustafa hash tag, despite finding her views and her conduct to be most disagreeable.

So it may be somewhat cognitively dissonant, but I can and do laugh at Mustafa being hoist by her own censorious petard, while condemning her prosecution under a totalitarian law for idiotic and hyperbolic words on a screen.


UPDATE: This from the epic Brendan O’Neill over at Spiked is just sheer joy:



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