Women in “own worst enemy” shocker…

It’s tiresome, I know, and I try to avoid it, but this morning I stumbled across Caitlin Moran’s column in The Times.

Apparently women are scared of men.


It’s a catalogue of woes that, on the surface, she makes sound plausible, validated by the classic statistic that…



It’s helpful to Moran that ‘s not traditional for newspaper opinion columnists to cite the sources backing up their statements, but if ever an assertion in a column demanded a “citation needed” sticker, it’s this one.

What is the source of her statistic? What is the basis of it.. e.g. the definition of sexual assault used?

You need only Google “1 in 5 myth” so see what she is most likely referring to. This is the oft-repeated statistic that “One in 5 [US] college students will be sexually assaulted”.

This trope has become so widely propagated that it’s become something that may be repeated whenever convenient, shorn of all context, qualifiers and supporting evidence.

You can see it debunked here, here, here, here and here

The point is this: Moran and her feminist ilk have built careers on attracting readers by the use of such eye-catching, sensationalist statistics. If women didn’t have something to be upset and angry about, why would they buy her books about what they should do about it? And yet now she complains that women are scared of men. I would suggest that if there is a reason women are scared of men it is because they have been force-fed these fallacious factoids by esteemed writers, such that they have internalised this grotesquely exaggerated likelihood of being victim of a terrible and intimate crime.

That is, woman have been terrified by feminists into being afraid of men, on a false basis, and now the feminists are here to offer the answers to he problems they have created themselves.

Women lose, and men lose, but feminists flog more books, get more hits on YouTube and win more writing commissions from leading newspapers. And this is why feminists can fuck off.

I won’t even dignify her second complaint – the gender pay gap – with a response because I’ve written about it before, and you can also see that myth also debunked in some of the links above.

Frankly, I’d cancel our subscription to The Times, on the basis of Moran’s pernicious dribblings (amongst other complaints I have about that ‘organ’), but it’s the OH’s subscription, so it’s not my decision to make. Which is fine.


3 thoughts on “Women in “own worst enemy” shocker…

  1. I’m amazed she has found time to write this drivel, seeing she is so busy (between bouts of crying) setting up her “help is coming” refugee funding along with fellow hand wringer Benedict Cumberbatch.

  2. Oddly enough every feminist (well the ones I’ve known about, mainly academics) have never been “attacked” in their lives, their campaign is always on somebody else’s behalf, uh huh. Funny thing is (there are statistics out there if you look) the vast majority of victims of violence are actually male. Suck on that feminists.

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