Story of conformism and fuckwittery

Here’s a controversial one…


Honestly, in spite of everything I’ve written, said or implied before, I don’t think this story is about Islam.

It’s about 2 things:

1) A total arsehole

2) Stupidity and conformism

The total arsehole is obviously the bloke who wouldn’t interrupt his sky pixie conversation to help a woman who was in need of his medical care. The sad thing is he can’t be sacked for his negligence, because sky pixie.

The stupidity and conformism are two-fold. The first is the sky pixie wallah, but the second is key:

Mrs Shaw, who broke down and wept in the witness box, said she would have called an ambulance immediately after the fall but had only since discovered that staff could override a nurses’ decision.

I… err…  really?

Why, even if you had doubts, would you hesitate?

Idiot mindless conformism kills.



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