The state is compiling a database of the public’s belongings…

Yes they are…


… and what could possibly go wrong???

Yes, by all means, contribute details of your valuable personal possessions to a public database. Which was designed by simians and will be maintained on a shoestring, despite the vast security risks of having such a database connected to the internet… SQL injections, out-of-date patch levels, poorly configured firewalls, inadequate IDS/IPS etc etc….

You may notice that the site claims to come under the auspices of the ACPO’s “Secured By Design” accreditation. Which may give you the impression that the site and its technical underpinnings are certified secure. But this accreditation, as you’ll see here, is all about buildings standards… bricks and mortar. Not IT systems.

You know how thousands, if not millions, of private details, names, addresses, credit card details, national insurance/social security numbers etc have been lost to hackers and cock-ups over recent years?

Remember when HMRC left CDs containing millions of people’s personal information on a train?

Speaking of HMRC, don’t be surprised if they (and for that matter, DWP and the police) make use of any data you contribute when they’re investigating you, for whatever reason they so choose.

Don’t forget, this initiative is ‘supported’ by pretty much all police forces.

A recent dispatch from Thames Valley Police (repeating something from Nottinghamshire Police) emphasises the dangers of cyber-crime:

Supt Pollock continues: “You can see by the statistics above, just how much of a widespread problem cyber crime is.”
“We also recently saw the Nottinghamshire Police website hacked for a short time.  It just goes to show that even large organisations, are susceptible to cyber criminals.”

Honestly, if you are stupid enough to register with this service, don’t be surprised if your details are taken advantage of not just by the state, but by scarily ‘well informed’ thieves.

Go on.. I dare you.

But before you do, consider this: (my emphasis)

To avoid doubt we wish to emphasise that Recipero, the provider of Immobilise, does not sell or rent your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes.

And be sure to check their privacy policy: (again, my emphasis)

Recipero may use Personal Data it collects for editorial and feedback purposes, marketing and promotion, statistical analysis of users’ behaviour, product development, delivering products and services, providing customer support, customizing and improving the content and layout of the Website, completing business transactions, administering individual accounts and meeting government regulatory requirements such as sales tax collection.

Recipero will disclose Personal Data to comply with valid legal processes such as a search warrant, subpoena, or court order, or to protect our rights and property.

Recipero also will disclose your Personal Data when necessary to comply with applicable laws, rules or regulations, when you have expressly consented to such disclosure, or when necessary to preserve Recipero’ legal rights in the Website’s content.

Recipero reserves the right to transfer your Personal Data within the Recipero group, or to successors to the relevant part of any of Recipero’ businesses. Recipero also reserves the right to transfer your Personal Data when necessary to enable an independent contractor to assist with the operation of the Website.



Update: In case you were wondering how well designed and robust the website is…  as of 17:01 05/01/2015




One thought on “The state is compiling a database of the public’s belongings…

  1. I LOVE these kind of things.

    How many firms think I have a 50 meter yacht in Monacco, and a private lear jet in St Tropez, I have lost count of. :-D :-D

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