How to troll TV licensing…

Prompted by something I found on the hilarious site referenced in my last post.

There’s a suspicion that the TV licensing apes use light emanating from your property to determine if you are using a TV illegally.

A television display generates light at specific frequencies.
Some of that light escapes through windows usually after being
reflected from one or more walls in the room in which the
television is situated. The optical detector in the detector van
uses a large lens to collect that light and focus it on to an
especially sensitive device, which converts fluctuating light
signals into electrical signals, which can be electronically
analysed. If a receiver is being used to watch broadcast programmes
then a positive reading is returned. The device gives a confidence
factor in percentage terms, which is determined by the strength of
the signal received by the detection equipment and confirms whether
or not the source of the signal is a “possible broadcast””

A confidence factor in percentage terms?

And what confidence factor would this fascinating device give them, I wonder?


I’m almost tempted to ‘invest’.

But not that tempted.



2 thoughts on “How to troll TV licensing…

  1. I’ve noticed that lots of people these days are content to display themselves as if they were a zoo exhibit by the simple expident of *not drawing the curtains* at night. Perhaps this is an unintended extension of their exibitionist desires?

  2. They STILL have to have a warrant to enter the house to prove it. By which time, the T.V is residing in the neighbours garage. :-D

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