People who can fuck right off – Episode #1376: Jamie Oliver

It has been in the air for a while now, but today, the Tellygiraffe have this story:


Simon Cooke has dealt with this in his usual measured and reasonable way. Which means he has completely neglected to tell this despicable, interfering, piece of shit just how completely he can fuck all the way off*.

He correctly points out that this quote amply demonstrates what a thick twat & useful idiot Oliver is.

if you think that 68 per cent of every case that goes through the NHS is diet-related, then yes, you need radical change

What does that even mean?

I think a more telling statement, though, is this one:

Mr Oliver told the Daily Mail: “Sugar’s definitely the next evil. It’s the next tobacco, without doubt, and that industry should be scared. And it should be taxed, just like tobacco and anything else that can, frankly, destroy lives.”

Four points here…

The first is “Sugar is definitely the next evil” – this is evidence of a game of whack-a-mole where the “public health” nannies attack one target until they’ve done it to death, and then, in order to avoid what should rightly be an existential crisis, they search for the next target – however valid.

Secondly, “the next tobacco” – how? Passive sugar rushes? In utero sugar poisoning? No, what they actually mean is it’s the next opportunity to hector people – lower class people who don’t read the guardian or shop at Waitrose, or even Jamie’s beloved Sainsbury – and bully them into .. well into what? Into despair is what.

Thirdly, “it should be taxed, just like tobacco and anything else that can, frankly, destroy lives” – ORLY? You know what destroys lives?

  • A welfare system that traps people in a vicious circle of poverty.
  • An education system that, with its ‘child centred learning’, singularly fails to equip children to compete for the best jobs when they’re up against those educated more traditionally in the private sector or in other countries unaffected by Frankfurt school, cultural Marxist, third wave feminist, Common Purpose evil horseshit.
  • A lack of access to justice for all but the most affluent, which is the single most egregious thing this government has done, completely overshadowing anything they’ve done that could be construed as good.
  • Bombing brown people in places thousands of miles away, using drones piloted by people safely tucked up at a video games console on home soil.
  • Equivocating in the face of radical Islam, such that terrorist attacks on British soil are not a remote chance but a foregone conclusion.
  • Turning a blind eye while thousands of children are abused by everyone from Asian taxi drivers through BBC celebrities and churchmen to people high up in the Westminster pecking order.

    Tax those motherfuckers.

Fourthly, you’ll note that the Tellygiraffe is merely recycling a story from the Daily Mail, which they published 2nd January 2015. A quick look at the review of 2014 at Velvet Glove, Iron Fist will remind you that the Daily Mail ran almost exactly the same story on 9th January 2014.

Moving on, I have just a couple more reasons that I’d like to smash Oliver’s smug face with a Moulinex.

The television chef said sugar … should be targeted because of the burden it was placing on the NHS.

You see, Jamie, the reason that we have a problem with what other people put in their bodies is that we all pay an amount that is unrelated to our own choices. The NHS socialised people’s health by the fact that it’s funded in a way that is completely unrelated to people’s individual lifestyle choices. It flies in the face of everything we know about costing risk.

Burn the NHS down, salt the earth and build something new. Maybe get the French and Germans in to put something together for us.


Mr Oliver said: “I’m not passionate about taxing, but when you look at the pot of cash that isn’t getting any bigger,

If that horseshit doesn’t fall into the same rhetorical category as “I’m not a racist, but… “ then my name is Idris Elba.

Oliver thinks that the answer to the ”pot of cash” that isn’t getting any bigger is not to seek efficiencies or to cut out waste, or simply for the state to stop doing shit that it manifestly should not be doing.

No, to him the answer is another regressive tax on the poor. I’m doing okay so I couldn’t give a fuck if the cost of a Mars Bar or a can of Fanta doubles, but to someone on minimum wage, it’s a different story, isn’t it.

And that’s why Jamie Oliver can fuck all the way off. The smug, middle class, self-important, pig-ignorant cockwomble.


*(Though, Longrider doesn’t do a bad job in filling the breach.)


5 thoughts on “People who can fuck right off – Episode #1376: Jamie Oliver

  1. yeah, it’s strange how cooks get all heavy about how we should live. I know how to boil an egg and that’s about the measure of these idiots. The reason they are prominent is that they are good at self publicity, probably driven by someone else. let jamie drive his range rover over everyone, I will stick to my push-bike. Jam.

  2. One might think Mr Oliver’s career / profile is flagging somewhat, to resort to cheap publicity stunts and hyperbole like this. Was a time I had high esteem for him, especially when he worked seriously hard to upgrade school meals on a stringent budget (he failed, of course, but we take consolation that school meals are but 1/5th of the average child’s meals).

  3. “The smug, middle class, self-important, pig-ignorant cockwomble.” Best description of the fat tongued mockney twat I have seen for a while… lol. I remember many years ago there was a whole bta thread dedicated to him.

  4. I would urge Sir to ‘obtain’ a documentary called ‘Fed Up’ not for the alarmist claptrap but for the chemical analysis of sugar and its psycho-pharamcology. Enlightening.

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