The antidote to modern orthodoxy

You don’t need me to tell you that much of the media – on line, TV and dead tree – is agonisingly lefty and the illiberal variety of ‘’’liberal’. Whether it’s the BBC, Huffington Post or the Guardian. Hell, I even wonder about the Telegraph sometimes, especially with some of the manifest shite that appears in both the Women and Men sections of the online edition.

Don’t get me started on twitter and what passes for permissible comedy these days.

It’s easy for the open-minded to despair of the way the Anglosphere is going, with such an intense focus on closing down debate and free speech for the sake of people’s every so delicate feelings and the protection of modern articles of faith from interrogation.

It’s a relief, therefore, that there still remain some outlets that take a more enlightened view of things and recognise that there is – for now at least – an audience out there who wants to read about things from a point of view that contradicts the po-faced Islington orthodoxy.

Spiked Online

An old stalwart and long time favourite of mine, going back to days before the concept of a blog even existed is Spiked Online. Ironically this organ was founded by a bunch of old Marxists, key amongst whom were Mick Hume and Brendan O’Neil, who havce since gone on to write thoughtful contrarian opinion pieces for The Times and The Telegraph respectively.

Though Spiked is not right wing – some say it’s a ‘progressive’ website – it has always focused on the erosion of liberty and free speech. And boy do we need that today – indeed more than ever in my lifetime. They’re currently having a major new push on freedom of speech, and it seems more like a cry in the wilderness than I ever remember.


Next up is a relative newcomer. Starting in America in 2007 as a non-partisan, but unapologetically right wing and classically liberal outlet, is, founded by the now late Andrew  Breitbart. In 2014 they launched a London edition here, with James Delingpole as executive director. I’m not an unalloyed fan of Delingpole, but the man has many good points and it was a shrewd hire.

Amongst other things, Breitbart has covered some of the most egregious feminist & social justice warrior offenses against reason of recent times. This includes the false claims made of a gang rape at University of Virginia, published by a credulous (to put it kindly) Rolling Stone magazine, the wingnut feminists and their outriders in the ‘’#Gamergate saga, and the gross liberties taken by someone called Lena Dunham, whose careless writing implicated an innocent man in a tale of rape.

Of particular entertainment value on Breitbart London are the writings of Delingpole himself, and of genius provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.


Thirdly is a new-comer that shows promise, called CapX – a product of the Centre for Policy Studies, carrying opinion pieces and aggregated news relating to business, economics and ‘popular capitalism’.

I particularly liked this piece – High taxation is no more moral than any other form of taxation

It’s a little bit threadbare so far. but It’ll be interesting to see how this one develops.


Finally, is one of the old school, – an American outlet that’s been around a while. Happily, in America, those on the right have yet to be successfully smothered unlike those in the UK (and Canada, and Australia) – perhaps thanks to the USA’s 1st amendment.

I particularly like the ‘HIt & Run’ blog, which recently highlighted a by-product of today’s censorious miserableness in that comedian Chris Rock – one who is actually funny – has decided not to bother playing to student audiences any more as they are too uptight.

Your turn…

If you know of any other online publications I might enjoy, based on the list above, please leave a comment.



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