EU’ve got to laugh…

The EU is quite a remarkable institution.

Remarkable not only in how undemocratic and corrupt it is, but in its sheer brass-neckedness.

For example, the EU’s auditors have refused to sign off its accounts for 20 years now – ever since auditing of their accounts began, in fact.  Last year, outgoing EU president, and itinerant Belgian ‘damp rag’ Herman Van Rompuy, demanded that the auditors “tone down their criticism of Brussels’ spending”.

Honestly, though, I think they have surpassed themselves this time. Yesterday, the EU told the UK that we owe £1.7BILLION in back-payments to 1995, for our economy having performed better than the average EU economy. Not only that, but France, would be getting a £790 Million rebate, because their economy has been socialist rubbish.

Cameron is saying “we’re not paying. so bugger off”. Well sort of…  actually, he’s being very specific – he’s actually said, “I’m not paying that bill on December 1. It is not going to happen.”

Which leaves him able to pay it (with our money, mind) on 2nd December without ever having technically lied to us.

Obviously. whatever the rights and wrongs of it, we will end up paying one way or another. Either because the EU will pad our future years’ payments to recoup this money or because the UK will end up spending hundreds of millions on lawyers trying to fight it. And then we’ll lose, and end up having to pay it anyway.

The only way we can avoid is having to pay this money to the EU is to leave the bloody thing. We are in a no-win situation.

Apparently Cameron is furious. I hope it’s himself that he’s furious with – that way we all have something we can agree on.



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