Winter blackouts ought to bury Ed Miliband

Dear The Tories,

Not that I think you deserve my advice, but here it is.

If the lights go out this winter, you should draw a line directly from that back to Ed Miliband and his Climate Change Act.

This weekend there was a huge fire at the Didcot B power station in Oxfordshire. This has had knock on consequences for the security of electricity supply for this country through the coming winter. So say experts.

Now, unfortunately, the links I originally posted on my blog are now behind various paywalls, but the head of the National Grid warned in 2008 of electricity shortages by 2015, as did the MD of nPower. In 2009, a professor of Energy policy at Oxford University chimed in, as did EOn and EDF in a article on the cover of The Economist, as OFGEM also had their say.

So it’s fair to say that the writing has been on the wall now for quite sometime, and that the coalition government has singularly failed to get to grips with the issue.

Nevertheless, the lunacy of the EU and the other-worldly meddling Ed Miliband –  “The most expensive man ever” – has lead directly to potentially catastrophic consequences.

Now, it’s all well and good for well heeled Tristans and Jocastas to wail about climate change and saving the bloody polar bear, but frankly, that all needs to be secondary to keeping the lights on.

More than keeping the lights on, in fact. Keeping the heat on, in homes where vulnerable elderly people and children live. Keeping offices and factories running so that companies who employ tens of millions of people are kept going. Keeping running the computers on which our entire national infrastructure and economy hang.

The man responsible for this perilous situation in which we find ourselves could be handed the keys to 10 Downing Street next May. This would be thanks to the broken electoral system that he has managed to fall into, with help from the quisling 5th columnist of the Lib Dems, and to postal votes which his party have unceasingly continued to exploit as easily corruptible, particularly in the hands of untouchable minority communities of which Labour are – understandably so fond.

But it would also be thanks to the Tories being such an unspeakably useless, spineless, cowardly bunch of fuckwits.

So get your shit together, Tories, or we’ll all be even more fucked than we already are.


UPDATE: The Department of Energy and Climate Change (really!) has just made its minister a hostage to fortune. Happily, that minister is the egregious and deluded socialist shitbag Ed Davey:


UPDATE 2: I hate citing the Daily Mail, but 


That said, when anyone refers to a ‘hate-filled rag full of lunatic opinions’ I always think of The Guardian before The Mail

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