The North..

What a shambolic shower of dithering gormless gimps.

Glad to be back in civilisation.



EU’ve got to laugh…

The EU is quite a remarkable institution.

Remarkable not only in how undemocratic and corrupt it is, but in its sheer brass-neckedness.

For example, the EU’s auditors have refused to sign off its accounts for 20 years now – ever since auditing of their accounts began, in fact.  Last year, outgoing EU president, and itinerant Belgian ‘damp rag’ Herman Van Rompuy, demanded that the auditors “tone down their criticism of Brussels’ spending”.

Honestly, though, I think they have surpassed themselves this time. Yesterday, the EU told the UK that we owe £1.7BILLION in back-payments to 1995, for our economy having performed better than the average EU economy. Not only that, but France, would be getting a £790 Million rebate, because their economy has been socialist rubbish.

Cameron is saying “we’re not paying. so bugger off”. Well sort of…  actually, he’s being very specific – he’s actually said, “I’m not paying that bill on December 1. It is not going to happen.”

Which leaves him able to pay it (with our money, mind) on 2nd December without ever having technically lied to us.

Obviously. whatever the rights and wrongs of it, we will end up paying one way or another. Either because the EU will pad our future years’ payments to recoup this money or because the UK will end up spending hundreds of millions on lawyers trying to fight it. And then we’ll lose, and end up having to pay it anyway.

The only way we can avoid is having to pay this money to the EU is to leave the bloody thing. We are in a no-win situation.

Apparently Cameron is furious. I hope it’s himself that he’s furious with – that way we all have something we can agree on.



How benevolent of George Osborne. He wants to ‘help 500,000 stay at home mothers back into work’.


Or, to translate that, he wants 500,000 more people paying tax into his coffers.

Never mind free will, or the good of the child and the family unit – things that ought to be big Conservative concerns.

About the only funny thing will be the feminists tying themselves in knots trying to work out which way to jump on this one.

In other news, remember those fabulous new pension freedoms – cash it in and use the money as you will, rather than being forced to buy an annuity? Yeah…


The state, whichever shower of bastards is at the helm, can suck my balls.


An object lesson in manifest bollocks

This actually made me laugh out loud. The comments are priceless and definitive.



Ummm.. where to fucking start.

Okay, how about the increase in VAT to 20%, increased fiscal drag in the tax system, Theresa May’s grabs for power over all of our data and our communications via phone, internet, carrier pigeon and smoke signal? Their refusals and failures in reversing the last government’s vast expansions of state power.

What about Grayling’s egregious changes to legal aid, denying access to justice for the common man, and changes that mean an innocent defendant in a criminal case is unlikely to recover all or even any of the legal costs incurred in defending himself against our arrogant and overbearing state’s machinery?

Remember the Great Repeals Bill? Yeah.

That didn’t happen.

Historically, remember the Tories’ 1994 Criminal Justice Act, wherein they legislated on how many beats per minute your dance music can have? Yeah.

Adam Afyrie can fuck off. He’s just another one who has enough money, power and connections not to have to worry about the gross intrusions and injustices visited upon most of us by the state.

Bollocks, bollocks and thrice bollocks.

And this is the best option we have other than Miliband?

Al Qaeda? Are you there? Come on down, the price is right.



Winter blackouts ought to bury Ed Miliband

Dear The Tories,

Not that I think you deserve my advice, but here it is.

If the lights go out this winter, you should draw a line directly from that back to Ed Miliband and his Climate Change Act.

This weekend there was a huge fire at the Didcot B power station in Oxfordshire. This has had knock on consequences for the security of electricity supply for this country through the coming winter. So say experts.

Now, unfortunately, the links I originally posted on my blog are now behind various paywalls, but the head of the National Grid warned in 2008 of electricity shortages by 2015, as did the MD of nPower. In 2009, a professor of Energy policy at Oxford University chimed in, as did EOn and EDF in a article on the cover of The Economist, as OFGEM also had their say.

So it’s fair to say that the writing has been on the wall now for quite sometime, and that the coalition government has singularly failed to get to grips with the issue.

Nevertheless, the lunacy of the EU and the other-worldly meddling Ed Miliband –  “The most expensive man ever” – has lead directly to potentially catastrophic consequences.

Now, it’s all well and good for well heeled Tristans and Jocastas to wail about climate change and saving the bloody polar bear, but frankly, that all needs to be secondary to keeping the lights on.

More than keeping the lights on, in fact. Keeping the heat on, in homes where vulnerable elderly people and children live. Keeping offices and factories running so that companies who employ tens of millions of people are kept going. Keeping running the computers on which our entire national infrastructure and economy hang.

The man responsible for this perilous situation in which we find ourselves could be handed the keys to 10 Downing Street next May. This would be thanks to the broken electoral system that he has managed to fall into, with help from the quisling 5th columnist of the Lib Dems, and to postal votes which his party have unceasingly continued to exploit as easily corruptible, particularly in the hands of untouchable minority communities of which Labour are – understandably so fond.

But it would also be thanks to the Tories being such an unspeakably useless, spineless, cowardly bunch of fuckwits.

So get your shit together, Tories, or we’ll all be even more fucked than we already are.


UPDATE: The Department of Energy and Climate Change (really!) has just made its minister a hostage to fortune. Happily, that minister is the egregious and deluded socialist shitbag Ed Davey:


UPDATE 2: I hate citing the Daily Mail, but 


That said, when anyone refers to a ‘hate-filled rag full of lunatic opinions’ I always think of The Guardian before The Mail

NHS? Safe as 2 of the 3 little pigs’ houses….

Who knew?


What a disgraceful shower.

I’m sure those at the coalface are (generally) doing their best, but what a crock of shit the wider organisation is.

And as for those idiots who wilfully ignore such blatant evidence as this and, before it the, Mid Staffs scandal.. well. Useful idiot is far too kind a term for that sort of person. Apparently, there’s no arguing with the ‘fact’ that this health service is the envy of the world.

Well, guess what, you blinkered twats? The world caught up, and the NHS these days would be doing well if it earned the label of ‘mid-table mediocrity’.

Burn it down, salt the earth and start again. With smaller organisational units, no unions, and with national pay bargaining replaced with performance related pay driven by clinical outcomes.


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