Scottish independence… vote nyeai

Are you sick to death of the ‘debate’ over Scottish independence? Me too.

The arguments for and against Scottish independence have been exercised to death over recent months, and the culmination of all this will be done and dusted this time next week.

I wrapped the word ‘debate’ is quotes above because it’s not really been a debate, has it? It’s been like watching a wise but oh so dowdy father trying to reason with a fat, spoiled, recalcitrant child – a child of an age prior to self-awareness and an understanding of the concept of consequences – to whom everything is not fair.

Well, if I may put words in the mouth of the dowdy father, “you’re damned right it’s not fair, Jimmy. I work like a Trojan to keep you in sweeties. I arrange my affairs to accommodate you and I allow you a say in decisions about my life.  Time after time, I put you first,  but what thanks do I get for it?”

So when Jimmy says, “I’m leaving home. You’re a tyrant abroad in my life”, dowdy dad – if he had a spine – would say, “fine, son. Take care, now. I’ll look back fondly on these 300 years you’ve been living out my pocket without a word of thanks. Be sure to write, now.”

There’s much I find like about Scotland. The city of Edinburgh, if not the people. The people of Glasgow, if not the city. The countryside, if not the towns. The drinks if not the food. The musicians, writers and comedians, if not the politicians, churchmen and benzo-addled dole monkeys.

There are only two reasons I’ve ever wanted Scotland to be granted what may or may not yet turn out to be its wish:

  • The West Lothian question. This is the one where – as a result of Labour’s devolution kludge – Scottish MPs can vote in Parliament about English matters, even though these very same matters are, for Scotland, devolved to Holyrood. Closely related to this is the significant likelihood of these Scottish MPs being left-wingers, who love to dip their jammy hands into other people’s pockets.
  • The Barnett formula. This is the one where English tax-payers significantly subsidise Scotland, shielding modern Scotland from the consequences of its propensity for ‘poor me’ welfarism.

In spite of any of my past bluster, I had never actually wanted to lose Scotland as part of Britain – after all, why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

There had always been the possibility of fixing the above two problems without such disruptive, costly and extreme measures as Scottish independence.

But all that changed last week, when Gordon Brown – of all fucking people – emerged from his crypt to announce that in the event of a no vote this week, Scotland would be given pretty much everything it wants in terms of devolution, irrespective of what that means for the rest of the UK.

Somehow, the syphilitic cyclops has managed to secure an agreement from panicking cowards Cameron, Clegg and Miliband that his plan would be implemented with haste by whichever of them happen to be in power now and after the 2015 general election.

So, without a by your leave, all of the main political parties have agreed to give Scotland whatever it wants and fuck the English in the eye-socket with a skean dhu.

No mention of stopping the subsidy of benefit-addicted Scots by the more industrious English (specifically those of south & east England). No mention of keeping Scottish political noses out of English parliamentary affairs.

Without any democratic say so whatsoever, the Scots will get the lot and any hope of a just settlement for the English is now down the crapper.

So for me there is now no dilemma at all.

Vote yes & away tae fuck, the lot of you.


Update: The ‘Vow’ from the LIBLABCON mob, and the potential backlash from English MPs about the pledge to keep the Barnett formula unchanged.

Update 2: Apparently, I’m not the only one unhappy about Brown + LIBLABCON’s stich up of the English…

Update 3: Bwahahahahaaaaa

2 thoughts on “Scottish independence… vote nyeai

  1. XX In spite of any of my past bluster, I had never actually wanted to lose Scotland as part of Britain – after all, why throw the baby out with the bathwater? XX

    Depends on the proportion of bath water to baby, and the benefits of keeping a screaming, shitting, uppity, brat over that of throwing out a couple of gallons of polluted briney.

    Case of, “is it worth cutting your losses and running?”

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