Warning: This heat is hot. Do not touch the hot heat.

It’s going to be a little bit warm, and none of us are going to know what to do.

It’s time that these idiots who treat us all like children were told to fuck off and die.


Yes, because none of us have ever experienced hot weather.

Public health officials said they were particularly concerned about Muslims fasting for Ramadan.

Not even the Muslims who fast every year, and every year encounter some sort of challenging circumstances in the course of doing so. I don’t suppose the Muslims who’ve actually moved from a sand-swept middle eastern hotspot should be lulled into thinking that Summer in Britain is benign either. Some things can only be tackled by a bunch of pallid, grey, nanny state fuckwits.

People in the South East, East and Midlands have been told to keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm.

Or else?

They are also advised to turn off non-essential lights and electrical equipment, to avoid generating excess heat, and wear a hat or light scarf if venturing outdoors. Public Health England said people should keep curtains closed, move to a cooler room to sleep, and should eat salad, drink plenty of water and avoid extreme physical exertion.


What the actual fuck is ‘Public Health England’? And why have those peopling this superfluous crock of shit not been dragged out into the street and shot?

Health officials said their warnings should not be taken lightly.

Well, they would say that wouldn’t they? Otherwise, the aforementioned dragging out and shooting would be the only thing for them.

Cllr Katie Hall, chairman of the Local Government Association’s community wellbeing board, said: “The hundreds of deaths caused by extreme heat each year are avoidable. Councils are determined to reduce the toll as much as possible.”

Listen, Cllr Katie Hall. Why don’t you shuffle off and mind your own fucking business, eh? And take the rest of your power-grabbing socialist LGA chums with you.






2 thoughts on “Warning: This heat is hot. Do not touch the hot heat.

  1. To be fair, they may just be attempting to cover their own backsides. Imagine what the furore would be had nothing been said, and someone had collapsed and died because no-one had told them to do something sensible? I have personal experience from 3 decades ago of someone calling the doctor out after sitting out in the sun the previous day, and now their legs were red and sore.

    However, we have to appreciate that this is a petard that these politicos have hoist themselves upon on their own volition, by insisting that “The State” will look after all people’s trial and tribulations, so we have no need to think for ourselves. All we thinking people can do is watch and weep.

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