Jake me off…

It’s been an hysterical evening of twitter loony-tunes. It all started off innocuously enough…

My friend @Oleuanna was taking flack from feminists. She is a smart and tough cookie. She’s seen it, done it and – uncommonly – has learned from it, in.. errr.. spades.

In despair, she tweeted the online equivalent of a fly swat.


Now, I hadn’t been following her interactions with her feminist assailants, so didn’t know who had been involved. Nevertheless, I thought she may be tickled my a humourous response..


I thought it mildly amusing, and so did she.


I moved on… then the twitter ground started to grizzle beneath my feet.

But before I knew it, someone to whom the tweet wasn’t directed – and therefore wouldn’t see unless they clicked around to seek out offence – piped up.


The conversation continued for a short while before debilitating belly laughs ruined everything.


Oh yes.. She reported me to Twitter for violent harassment.

Feel free, by the way, to look back through any of our timelines to see where that might have happened.

But our question was answered.


So I posted an image of a chainsaw, as a joke. To @Oleuanna. Not to anyone else, not to a hashtag. And I don’t think this woman  follows me, so how did she see it?

Anyway, we continued to make light of things. Because we’re of this world. We’ve seen and experienced it over the years.

I also pointed out that I’ve experienced DV, but only from the receiving side.  True story. Frankly, I was betting that if my new stalker saw that, she’d try to use it to score a point over me.. about being weak or using it as an excuse.

Meantime, because this is twitter, I went back to taking the piss for my own amusement.

What would Johnny Cash do?


Since this woman had taken to stalking timelines, I took a quick look at what she was saying now on this public timeline.



Strike 1: I called it right on her twisting my mention of experiencing DV.

Strike 2: The photo I ‘dug up’ is (at time of writing) on the front  page of her blog, which is linked from her twitter bio.

Strike 3: Only one person called her a cunt – or any variation of it – and it wasn’t me. As far as I’m aware, in respect of the thread I was involved with, the only person who used that term was @ObtuseMusings, and that’s his business, the indomitable cunt.

So this had gotten boring. But I had an idea. After all, I do have a bit of the cupid about me.


My work today is done, friends.



2 thoughts on “Jake me off…

  1. Well Mr Jahom, you are half right. Oleanna always stuck me as a bit of a (expletive deleted). That said the Feminazis on Twitter hunt in packs check out #justiceforched if you want a cringingly accurate portrait of Subconscious Phallocentric Oppression of wimmin. I am no great fan of Jake but compare to Ambridge he is Gandhiesque (is that a word, even)?

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