The most snivelling spineless little shit you’d never heard of…

Like me, you’d probably never heard of Jake Morrison until a few weeks back. He tweets using the handle @eiJake, and at the age of 21 he is the self-proclaimed “youngest ever councillor in Liverpool”. ‘Never far from drama’ says his twitter bio.


Jake is an independent councillor, having had a high-profile falling out with the Liverpool Labour Party. He was suspended from the party for perfectly reasonable disciplinary reasons after he had a public fight with a local Labour MP and others in the party on social media, in the local newspapers and on TV. He flounced off and resigned from the party amid a flurry of screeching, demanding an apology from Labour Party leader Ed Miliband for “unfounded allegations about his character”.

Specifically, these allegations were written in a letter from Luciana Berger MP to the Mayor of Liverpool, complaining about Jake’s “lack of teamwork and respect”.

The Labour Party looked into matters and local Labour Party organiser Andy Smith wrote to Jake to tell him that there would be no apology, and suggested he fuck in an offward direction.

So, Jake became an independent councillor, and embarked on a campaign to unseat the Labour Mayor of Liverpool via a petition, as well as vouching to stand against Ms Berger at the next parliamentary elections.

He also faced the prospect of the Mayor of Liverpool taking legal action against him for making apparently fallacious public claims about him and his handling of the débacle Jake had initiated with his flouncing, screeching and “LOOK AT ME” arm waving.

This was in late 2013.

By March 2014, Jake was in talks with the Mayor of Liverpool about rejoining the Labour Party and coming back into the fold.

So Jake’s a bit all over the place and prone to outbursts of screeching – even at those who ought to be his close allies and hold the keys to his political future, wherein he clearly aspires to rule over us all.

Sooner or later, someone so brittle and prone to comical public outbursts of self-righteousness and self-pity was bound to come to the attention of those on twitter who like to yank the chains of the precious ones. On this occasion it was Old Holborn (currently at @HolbornWins).

The Liverpool Echo pick up the story:

Twitter user Old Holborn wrote on the social networking site: “Cyril Smith was a local councillor very fond of ‘going into schools’. Still plenty of them around.”

He then republished a comment from Wavertree’s Cllr Jake Morrison about a talk he was due  to give at Broadgreen International School.

Clearly this is Holborn looking to get a rise out of Jake, and boy did he get it.

Cllr Morrison said: “I’m just a young councillor who is interested in promoting young people.

“We all know what Cyril Smith was up to because it’s been all over the papers, so I take any  comparison to him very seriously.

“This is the worst type of discrediting that can be done to someone.”

Cllr Morrison reported the Old Holborn’s actions to Merseyside police.

You see, Jake, if you’re reading this…. No-one – I mean NO-ONE – thinks you’re a nonce because of what Old Holborn tweeted – or indeed for any other reason. He was taking the piss. But you can’t see that, and you demonstrated to thousands who had previously never heard of you, that you are a precious, snivelling authoritarian little shit who thinks people who take the piss out of you should be arrested.

And that’s a bit frightening, to be honest. That someone who has such naked political ambitions thinks that in a relatively free western country, there should be laws against people taking the piss out of you.

I hope you fail spectacularly and humiliatingly in your political career and you find your niche somewhere else – somewhere you can’t be heard – because I, and thousands like me,  sure as fuck don’t want hypersensitive cunts like you running even the smallest bits of this country.

Now fuck off.


Update: We’ve seen above how Jake likes to change direction with impunity. Via Guido, we now have evidence that less than 12 months ago, Jake would have agreed with Old Holborn.


So he’s a twat AND a hypocrite with the self-awareness of a polyp.

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