Rot in hell…

Bob Crow, leader of the RMT union died today, aged 52.

Twitter is awash with the usual guff and hypocrisy from people who were calling him a cunt a week ago.

It’s true that he was a cunt a week ago, and for some time before that. Now he’s dead and I’m not at all minded to revise my opinion of him.

I think he would respect that. After all,


Union leader Bob Crow has said Margaret Thatcher can "rot in hell" for what she did to the country during her time as prime minister.

Crow, the general secretary of the RMT union, told BBC Radio London on Wednesday evening that Thatcher
"created an ideological argument to attack working people" during her time in office and that there were "loads of loads of people who lost their houses, jobs and committed suicide because of what she did".

So as tempted as I am to retort that Bob can rot in hell, I don’t want him to go to hell. I certainly don’t want to have to share hell with that disgusting communist yobbo when I get there.



4 thoughts on “Rot in hell…

  1. Crow once said, “I was born in a Council House. I will probably die in one.” He could just as well have said, “I was born covered in shit. I will probably die covered in shit.”
    On the good side, the London Council House waiting list just got shorter.

  2. Finally the old communist bastard has done something that doesn’t hinder and inconvenience commuters.

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