Climate Agenda Exposed in its Naked Glory…

Okay, it’s the Grauniad and the Grauniad has forever been the home of loopers and wingnuts.

This, however, deserves special mention.


Read and weep, and be in no further doubt about the bizarre aims of lefty environmentalist types. They want to abolish the system that may not produce fairness as they understand it in their blinkered world, but has lifted billions out of actual poverty in the last 100 years.

But that’s the left for you. They’d rather we were all scratching around in the mud, eating moss and living to be 35. Because THAT would be a fairer system.



2 thoughts on “Climate Agenda Exposed in its Naked Glory…

  1. I sometimes wonder what position these people see for themselves after the collapse of capitalism. Do they really think that they will continue spouting their words of wisdom via the grauniad or what? Perhaps they see themselves as political commissars overseeing our political thoughts to ensure that no one deviates from the true path.
    One thing for sure I cannot see this guy toiling in the fields behind a horse drawn plough and then giving away the proceeds of his toils for free.

    • I can see him starving to death, the useless twat. Starving and discovering that whining about the unfairness of it all doesn’t actually help. Because no advanced capitalism to pay wankers for whining articles any more.

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