Deluge II…

As if to illustrate some of the points I made in my last post, and for a very useful insight into what’s gone on to apparently precipitate the floods on the Somerset Levels, see this excellent blog post from EUReferendum:


Gradually, the message on the EU’s involvement in the flood debacle is leaking out via the internet , so much so that about the only place you won’t get any details is the UKIP website.

But even if the EU-supporting Mail can’t avoid talking about the role of the EU (unlike UKIP), pride of place now goes to the Spectator, which gives over its lead to Booker, who explains what has been going on – unlike UKIP.

It has taken six long weeks, Booker writes, to uncover the real hidden reasons why, from the West Country to the Thames Valley, the flooding caused by the wettest January on record has led to such an immense national disaster.

Read on…



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