I won’t bother to rehash the goings-on in #Plebgate, whereby some coppers stitched up a Tory cabinet minister, forcing his resignation.

The copper at the centre of the investigation about this matter has been sent to prison.


While I was busy laughing that this idiot’s ‘misfortune’, a Twitter type (@MoodySlayerUK) pointed this out which Ibelieve was put out on Twitter by @UKLabour (The Labour Party’s official Twitter account):

Embedded image permalink

Well, chaps. I think we know the answer to that one now, don’t we.

Related, this doesn’t exactly show Cameron in a particularly good light either – he failed to give Mitchell sufficent benefit of the doubt or support, and effectively had the final say on Mitchell’s resignation.

Stupid Labour twats. Stupid Tory twats. Stupid police twats. Be gone, the bloody lot of you.


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