Something’s wrong: I made a correct prediction

They say a stopped clock is right twice a day. Reading back over the years of this blog and the predictions I’ve made, I don’t think a single one has come absolutely true. Until now. Perhaps I’m the stopped date on the stopped clock.

I missed this earlier in December, but you remember deluded Australian plonker Trenton Oldfield, right? Our swaggering idiot (female) Home Secretary, wanted him tossed out of the country for the depressingly everyday crime of being a dick.

Six months back, on this matter, I wrote:

A couple of points:

1) The bully state goes for the soft target and does its worst, irrespective of any concerns for right to family life (ECHR article 8).

2) If Oldfield persists – and he should – I predict he’ll eventually win his appeal and will be able to stay in (or return to) the UK due to his wife and child.

What this amounts to is cheap, populist grandstanding by the Home Secretary who can’t win a case to get deported anyone who is actually a genuine threat to the UK.

So it’s a bit of a turn up for the books that Oldfield has indeed won his appeal. More so that my bold prediction didn’t seal his fate, by simple application of the mockers.


The judge was pretty critical of the approach to this matter taken by the Home Office, and though he chose his words carefully, basically concluded that Theresa May and her apparatchiks abused their power and process in pursuit of a petty vendetta.

I’d rather have Trenton in the country than Theresa, I think.


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